Where to Find Reusable Packing Supplies

When it comes to moving, every dollar matters. Moving to a new home is one of the most expensive challenges in life. You need to buy new things or renovate a new home. The whole household from your old home is waiting to be shipped. You need to pay for its transportation, packing, loading and maybe storing and that costs – a lot. Just when you think you’ve calculated everything, more expenses appear! Unexpected moving expenses are what terrify every family during relocation. Most of them are hiding in the packing and shipping process. In order to save money, check out our tips and see where to find reusable packing supplies! And if you need professional help too, consider hiring long distance moving companies Las Vegas.

Choose Reusable Packing Supplies and Save Money!

Hiring professional movers, renting a truck, finding an appropriate storage unit and choosing moving insurance – cost. Not to mention the expenses of packing services and packing supplies. Buying plain moving boxes for a studio apartment can cost $50, while you’d need to spend up to $100 on boxes for a 2-bedroom apartment. Why add, when you can reduce moving costs if you find reusable packing supplies? Besides, ordinary boxes can tear after just one use and they are not environment-friendly packing supplies. Reusable packing supplies will protect your things and help you to save money. Besides, you can use them again. And if you consider hiring professionals, you can get packing services from Movers Henderson NV.

recycling bin icon
By renting green boxes and plastic bins you’ll be able to save money during relocation.

Ask moving companies to rent reusable packing supplies

Did you hear that moving companies don’t just sell their services? They rent reusable packing supplies, too. This means, if you’re moving without professionals, you can rent packing supplies and give it back to the moving company when you finish the relocation. This is a great way to save money, too! Why pay for expensive boxes for fragile items and containers, if you’re never going to use them again? Some moving companies are eco-friendly and offer to rent high-quality plastic boxes. They are resistant to humidity and heat, which makes them reusable. This means when you bring them back, someone can rent them again. While ordinary packing supplies mostly end up in the trash, reusable supplies will be used over and over again. Reusable packing materials offer many ways to avoid unexpected moving expenses.

professional movers packing and loading household
Professional movers offer packing services and the best reusable packing supplies for even most fragile items.

Ask friends, neighbors and coworkers if they have reusable packing supplies

A great way to find packing supplies that are reusable is by asking your friends, neighbors, and coworkers if they have some. This is something you should do first because it’s the easiest way to find supplies fast. Maybe not all, but someone will definitely have something to give you. Instead of wasting your money, check if someone in your environment has reusable supplies and some boxes left. Who knows, maybe they have supplies, so they will declutter their basement and you will get free supplies! But if you can’t find reusable packing supplies, you can get many benefits from hiring professional packers.

Find plastic bins and boxes

Ordinary cardboard boxes are mostly used during the move, but the number one quality supplies are plastic boxes. Plastic bins and boxes are reusable packing supplies. They are great because they offer more safety for your items and are resistant to water, humidity, and hits during transportation. Besides, it’s easier to unpack plastic boxes, while you’ll spend hours removing lots of tape and packing materials in cardboard boxes. You can store reusable boxes wherever you want and your things will be safe from dust, pests, etc. You can rent them from moving companies or buy them online.

Find packing paper

Packing paper is definitely one of the most used materials during relocation. You can use it to wrap glasses, dishes, and any fragile item you have. You can buy packing paper in local stores, or you can simply use newspapers and magazines you have at your home. Once you unpack items, don’t throw it away. Packing paper is one of the reusable packing materials, so you can use them again later to wrap gifts or anything breakable in your basement or attic.

tons of magazines and newspapers
Newspapers, magazines, and other paper products can be great reusable packing supplies, which you can recycle if not using.

Use blankets for extra protection

Towels and old clothes are reusable packing supplies every person has at home. You can use these supplies as many times as you want to protect fragile items. Try to save money by using them and not buying bubble wrapping. Moving blankets represent extra protection for your furniture and other items. They can keep your furniture safe from any scratches and breakages while moving. As moving blankets can be pricey, you can use your old blankets or rent some! There are moving companies who rent various packing supplies, you just need to see what type of packing materials you need. For example, you can’t move glasses in a plastic box. They will break during shipping. You need to get packing paper or soft materials and wrap them.

a pile of towels - towels can serve as reusable packing materials
Old towels and cloths are reusable packing supplies every home has.

Hire professional packers

If how tips for finding reusable packing supplies are not enough for your needs, consider hiring professional packers. Professional packers bring more benefits. They arrive at your home, pack, load and take care of your items. Professional packers have the necessary equipment and packing supplies for the most fragile items. You won’t have to search for and buy moving boxes, bubble wrapping, packing paper and other, packers will bring the best quality packing supplies. An hourly rate is up to $60 per hour per packer, but if you search more, you can find packers for $35 per hour. You won’t have to worry about the extra costs and safety of your items. Forget about heavy lifting and loading boxes all day. You’ll avoid emotional and physical stress, but possible injuries, too.

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