How to Move Long Distance With Children

Having received a huge promotion, you are overwhelmed with excitement and tell your family that you’re moving to a new state full of miracles and opportunities! Instead of cries of delight, you are greeted by horrified faces, tears, and many screams. Confused and puzzled, you are wondering, “what went wrong ?!” Think of it this way: If the thought of collecting all your things and transporting them all over the country to a place where you have to start your life is worrying, imagine what your children might feel when they hear this news. Fortunately, there is something you can do to prevent this catastrophic situation and to facilitate the process of moving children with long distance movers Las Vegas. In this article, we will talk about some basic principles to move long distance with children.

Preparing Your Children For a Big Move

Perhaps this is the only home your child has ever known. The thought of how one day they might move to a new house probably never crossed their minds. When you tell them the news, prepare yourself for a few tears. Since your children will mourn the loss of their bedrooms, memories, and best friends. Focus on the positive, but do not demean their fears and concerns. Encourage children to speak and express their fears.

Boy looking out the window
Your move long distance with children should not cause them additional stress

Help the children say goodbye to their house and friends by having a “farewell” party. Take a picture of the house and their friends, and take time to remember the last special memories. Make a project for packing and turn it into an adventure or a game. That will help motivate children to remain involved and busy and make moving with kids easy.

Packing With Children

Watching their items packed in boxes can be the hardest thing for young children. They need a way to have fun until the very last day. Therefore, it would be nice to pack their bags last. And keep a small box or bag for special toys that need to ride in the car with you.

Going through the boxes in search of one necessary item can be unbearable. So, save yourself some of the future stress by spending time adding detailed labels to the boxes as you pack. Children who can write or draw can even help with this. Label the box with the room and name of the child and write down what it contains.

Make good use of the nanny, friends, and family who offer help. As well as third-party packing and moving resources, to facilitate this process. The stress that adults experience is perceived by children, who then worry about things that they cannot control. There should be a plan and a backup plan for everything.

Hire a Moving Company to Move Long Distance With Children

Most moving companies have all the resources necessary to move a new distance to your new home. And they are always ready to help. You can contact them to get Las Vegas movers prices to see if this fits into your budget.

Hitting the Road to Move Long Distance With Children

Once you pack your things, it’s time to prepare for a long journey across the country. If you have ever been on a short trip with your children, you had a slight taste of what lies ahead. Only parents armed with the best entertainment, snacks and action plans will survive!

Toys and a book
Toys and books can help a lot.

Bring a cooler and fill it with healthy food and water. If your children are old enough, hold the cooler in such a way that they can get it to reduce the time that you have to stop to help. Schedule frequent breaks in the restroom and use this time so that children can take a little walk.

Avoid disputes and endless questions “are we there yet” by investing in technology or other car games. When you were growing up, the long trip probably included many rounds of singing and license plate bingo. But today’s kids have car DVD players and electronic games to keep them company. If you have access to the Internet or a smartphone, then the search for interesting places and entertainment in your new city can bring your child great pleasure!

Other fun car activities include quizzes, art books, and audiobooks (reading paperback books can cause car sickness) and family songs. If you have time, plan your itinerary to stop for fun, cool, or historic sites along the way. You will be able to do some things that otherwise you would never be able to experience with your children. National parks, historic sites, geological sites or occasional “tourist traps” can make the trip fun for your child and bring even more pleasure!

Unpacking and Starting From Scratch

If they are seeing their new home for the first time, have the children study and discover everything the home has to offer. First, unpack the essentials box and some special items, but do not rush to unpack everything on the first day. Give children time to play and relax, as well as explore their new surroundings.

If you move long distance with kids in the summer and there are no classes at school, find opportunities for children to make new friends. This will help the transition to a new school become easier. Let the children have some control over decorating their new bedroom.

Child's room
There is nothing more exciting for a child than designing in their own unique style.

It is never easy to move long distance with children, but you should try to facilitate it. Helping your children settle in a new home can do wonders. Everything will be different in the new place, but try to keep as many familiar routines as possible. Familiar rules and actions are convenient not only for children but also for you. Soon you will have new memories and new routines that will last a lifetime.

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