Move On a Hot Summer Day With Ease

Seeking to move on a hot summer day with ease? Well, let us tell you, any move is a difficult process in itself. If you move in the late summer, there are great chances that it’s going to be a pretty hot day. No way around that. And what is most difficult is that it’s not a hot day at the pool. But a day that makes you pack, unpack, move stuff around. But let us not start to panic just yet. There is the thing you can do to ease this burden of course. For starters checking up on some packing and moving companies, Las Vegas is a start. Once this is over, step number one is definitely checking the weather forecast. That is just to have a glimpse into what is ahead of you. But more on this a bit later, so let’s see what can you do to make it a bit easier.  

Pouring water in a glass. Stay hydrated when you move on a hot summer day.
Make sure to put water supplies on top of your checklist with high priority!

Move on a hot summer day – getting that head start 

Now perhaps you are not a morning person but in order to fight the heat you must get up early. It is a no brainer that moving during noon hours is only going to give you a sunburn and dehydration. So make sure to aim at early morning hours. Not just because of the weaker heat, but the UV rays are not as strong as during the noon hours. Keep in mind that moving from 11 am to 3 pm is out of the question. Those early mornings and the cool breeze that comes with the mornings are your goal. Moreover, most of the moving companies like movers Mesquite, NV prefer to get going in the mornings anyhow. Consulting with potential movers over the date can get you perhaps even better moving schedule. So, do not fear, and ask for their opinion. That’s where their expertise comes into play. 

Pouring water into a glass
Make sure to get more than your daily water intake and stay hydrated!

Stay hydrated during summer relocation

Once moving day arrives, the most important thing to provide not just for yourself but for the moving crew as well is water. With proper hydration, your body can handle the heat so much better. Here’s a tip, the common signs of dehydration include headaches, fatigues, and dizziness. In case these appear, your move is not gonna go well, so provide some water bottles. And in case somebody complains about any of these, you must approach it with seriousness. Also not to lose time under the hot sun, learn how to get around Las Vegas. Moreover, does your air conditioning run? Make sure to take all the advantage you can get. One of the ideas for that can is to move all the furniture and boxes into a once central location. That preservers cool temperatures all around the house. Or a second case is to provide cooling to a single room. Make it a cooling HQ!

alarm clock
Maybe you are not a morning person, but make sure to catch that morning hour for a move!

Moving on a hot summer day – wear appropriate clothes

If somebody told you that you needed proper clothes to move boxes and relocate your home it would seem crazy. But hear us our, there is truth in that saying. There are several rules, in fact, to make sure your move on a hot summer day goes as smooth as possible. Rule number one, get lightweight clothes. Something that is made from breathable fabric and with a loose fit. Get some cotton/linen shorts, and shirts. Bear with us on this and sooner rather than later you can get to enjoy a cold beverage in some of the best sports bars in Las Vegas. The second rule is the choice of color. Darker colors absorb heat more, stick with light colors, preferably white. These light materials and brighter colors absorb sweat and moisture quicker. Rule number three is to stay away from synthetics. The final rule, get some sunglasses and a hat. It is a must! 

morning coffee
Grab that head start on a move alongside your morning coffee!

Sun protection is a must when you move on a hot summer day

We get that some of you don’t like sun protection lotions. But when you’re moving on a hot summer day, you need all the help you can get. In case lotions are not your thing, get a spray form. You need to cover yourself in it. So let’s go through what needs covering. Face, neck, ears, shoulders, arms, hands, legs. According to a study from the American Academy of Dermatology, you need a sunscreen with SPF of minimum 30 and perhaps higher, with some water-resistant traits. A timetable of applying the lotion/spray goes like this: 15 minutes before going out and on every two hours. It is worth the trouble. The last thing you need is to get sunburned so that even the final unpacking is a painful experience.  

Now we are at the end of our so-called guideline article. We urge you to follow some of these steps. This is to make sure you get your move on a hot summer day with ease experience. Sunscreen, lightweight clothes, packs of water – these all have to be on your moving checklist as the highest priority! 

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