What to do while movers pack your stuff

Packing is the most important task to do if you want to achieve safety. But, in order to pack, you need to get moving supplies that you need, disassemble some things if needed, etc. That is the reason why you probably want to hire cheap movers Las Vegas to help you out so that you do not have to pack by yourself. Many people have a dilemma: what to do while movers pack your stuff? Even though you are having a full packing service, there are still things that you can do and make everybody’s job a little easier.

Is there anything you can do while your movers pack your stuff?

Of course, most people think that you can relax once you hire a moving company to relocate you. On the other hand, there are a lot of things that you can do during this time, especially while your moving company workers pack your things.

  • Pack whatever you can by yourself
  • Prepare the essentials box
  • Declutter

Pack whatever you can by yourself

It sounds contradictory but it does not have to. Even though you have the professional help of long-distance moving companies Las Vegas during the move, why not pack some of the things by yourself and save some time? This way you will decrease the time needed for packing and therefore relocate in less time than needed. When it comes to the things that you can pack, you should be careful. You do not want to touch sensitive stuff. They are probably the reason why you considered hiring a moving company in the first place. Help with the things where you can’t make any damage like books, clothes, etc. You can’t go wrong with them since there is little chance that something will happen to them.

books - movers pack your stuff
Contribute by packing your books and clothes

Prepare the essentials box

You should be aware that some things that you own should be packed and prepared by yourself. You can do this while movers pack your things and therefore save time. There are some important items that you should include when packing the essentials box like important documents, electronics, etc. These things should not go near movers. Not because they will steal it but because there will be a mess if they pack it with all the other stuff in the truck. You will probably need some of those things during and after the move so be sure to pack them separately.

a laptop
Important documents and electronics should go to the essentials box


Many people avoid decluttering because they think that it is irrelevant or they just do not want to do it. On the other hand, you should definitely do it because you will lower the number of items for the move and probably make the price lower too. Instead of throwing your stuff away, you should consider donating your stuff before moving. This way you will have two positive things working for you!


There are certain things that you can do while movers pack your stuff, even though it does not seem like it. Yes, you got professional help but you can still contribute and make the whole process a lot easier. We wish you a pleasant relocation!

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