What to pack last on moving day?

Are you trying to get ready for relocation? By now, you’ve probably begun to understand just how hard moving can sometimes be. Regardless of where you are moving to, there just some parts of the relocation process that take a whole lot of your time and effort. And packing is the number one pain-in-the-neck task that comes with moving. It can last for days and more often than not, you can feel like you’ll never get to finish it. There’s no reason to worry, though. All you need is a good plan and lots of patience. Perhaps even some packing guidelines from a professional would help. Also, you should be aware of the course of packing, as there are some things you should leave for the end of your packing process. So what should you pack last on moving day? Let us find out.

a personal planner notebook
Packing is a complicated process that takes a lot of careful planning

Try to avoid last-minute packing

Before we move on to the items you should pack last on moving day, you should understand that last-minute packing is something you want to avoid altogether. Moving is a serious process that takes a lot of prep time. Therefore, you should start planning and doing some of the packings well in advance. And this is moving that your experienced local movers Las Vegas would definitely recommend. If you think about it, it is just common sense – you want to be confident and relaxed during your final hours before the move, not running around panicked and all stressed-out. There are plenty of items around every household that you can pack even weeks in advance. These include all those belongings you don’t use on an everyday basis:

  • Seasonal clothes – in fact, all of the clothes you won’t be wearing until you move
  • A better part of your kids’ toys – they won’t be playing with all of them anyway
  • Anything you have stored in your garage or basement

Once you clear out your way by doing this pre-packing, you’ll find it much easier to manage with the rest of the chores.

a passport
Your passport is one of the things you should pack last on moving day, especially during an interstate relocation

There are things you definitely should not pack last on moving day

When it comes to packing, what you need to do is keep it efficient. The better you do it, the greater your chances for a successful relocation. Surely, hiring reliable senior movers does help a lot. Especially if you feel overwhelmed by the packing alone. Professionals will do a great job transferring your items to your new home. So, in order to keep things in order during your packing process, try to avoid packing anything heavy, bulky or hefty last. You’ll just end up panicking and not being able to complete the task right. Also, do your best not to pack anything fragile and delicate such as glassware or artwork last on moving day. Items such as these require utmost attention and time and are not to be packed in a hurry.

Items you should pack last on moving day

In the end, there are some of your belongings that you are going to need until the very last moment of the moving day. These normally include items people use on a daily basis. There are simply things that you need every day and packing them beforehand would only create problems. So, what are those things you should pack last on moving day?

Your clothes

You’ll need a set of clothes to put on after the moving is complete and you arrive at your new home. Once your professional movers Nevada have finished transferring your belongings to a new destination, you’ll need to unpack and do some serious work. Having some clothes to change afterward will definitely come in handy.

hanging shirts
You’ll need to set aside a change of clothes to pack last on your moving day

Personal items you often use

You’ll most likely need your phone, its charger, and your personal laptop until the last minute of your relocation. So, there are clearly the items you want to pack last. This list also includes your wallet and personal documents, as you might need them at any time throughout the moving process. It is a good idea to keep your birth certificate and passport in a special place, particularly if you are moving interstate and will definitely need them by your side.

Cleaning kit

After all the packing has been done, you’ll probably want or need to clean around your old home. Regardless of whether you were renting it or you had owned and then sold it, you want to leave a clean home for the people who’ll now live there. So having a cleaning kit by your side will make things easier for you. This might even be the very last thing you will pack on moving day. After cleaning around your old home, pack the rugs and brushes away and you’ll be good to go. Moreover, you might need them once you arrive at your new place. Doing some initial cleaning will make your move-in day more pleasant.

Clearly, you need to pay close attention to your packing process. These things take some careful planning as the wrong decisions can cause a lot of unnecessary problems that can easily be avoided. So try to make a packing plan and stick to it. As we’ve already mentioned, there is a myriad of household items that can be packed in advance so you wouldn’t have to rush things during the last moving day. Similarly, you want to leave certain items to be the last things you pack on moving day. Think about what belongings you use every single day and which of them you’ll need after everything else has been packed and ready for transfer.

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