List of important moving documents

Moving takes a ton of paperwork. This paperwork can easily get on top of you if you don’t keep up with it. To make life easier for you, we compiled a neat list of important moving documents you should keep an eye on during your relocation.

Important moving documents: paperwork for movers

When it comes to moving services, only the best should be enough for you. Moving to Las Vegas, for instance? You want a quality experience that only experts can provide. But you’ll still need to make sure that the movers you hired do their job right. A major part of that effort is to keep track of all mover-related documents. Here are the ones you should pay special attention to.

File cabinet full of important moving documents
You will need a lot of files for your move

Bill of lading

The bill of lading is among the most important documents for you getting your things back as they were. The bill of lading is a list of your belongings the moving company transports. So let’s say you hire North Las Vegas movers, the bill of lading tells you what items these movers are responsible for.

But it also holds other information about you and the movers, be they Summerlin movers or any others. You’ll find your payment method, origin and destination, moving rate, mover information, and insurance information there. As such, having your bill of lading on hand is of high priority. It should match your order for service to a tee – which we are covering next.

Order of service

The order of service is a document signed by both you and your hired movers. It notes the details about the estimates, date of pickup and delivery, and any other special services. This document usually comes in tandem with your bill of lading.

Moving estimate

The moving estimate assesses the total cost of your move. The “guess” is based on the items in need of carrying. It includes things like charges for labor, transportation, storage, packing, insurance, and other services. Whether you’re moving to Nevada or elsewhere, estimates are an essential part of knowing how much you’ll have to spend.

The following are the types of estimates you can receive.

  • Non-binding estimate – the final price depends on your inventory’s actual weight, rather than the estimated weight.
  • Binding estimate – the moving price doesn’t change no matter what.
  • Binding not-to-exceed estimate – among the most important moving documents for a customer-friendly experience. Your bill won’t grow if the shipment weight turns out higher than the estimate. It will be lower if the overall weight is smaller, though.

Copy of “Your rights and responsibilities”

Movers are required by the FMCSA to give you a copy of “Your rights and responsibilities.” This paper outlines a ton of useful info. It includes instructions for filing complaints and asking anything about your move, among other things. These copies are vitally important moving documents. If a company avoids giving it to you, consider that a warning. Odds are that you’re dealing with a shady business.

Inventory documentation

Your moving service will issue you the paperwork that names and describes every item they will handle. Inventory documentation also tells you about the state of each item before the move. The exception is with things that you packed yourself. Movers can’t always see what these things are and if they’re damaged. When you get this document, go through it with a fine comb to see if anything seems out of place.

Liability papers

As we said, every moving company should offer you a “Your Rights and Responsibilities” document. But they should also give you one that details liabilities they have. This goes doubly so for local movers who operate within state laws and not under federal oversight. Make sure to study the liabilities thoroughly. You need to see how much responsibility your movers take in case of mishaps with your property.

Essential moving documents: your paperwork

You should also keep a close eye on your personal documents. Here are some that you might forget about but absolutely should watch out for when moving.

Personal identification documents

You have a wide variety of important documents to take when moving. Driving licenses, marriage licenses, passports, birth certificates, social security cards – keep all of these somewhere safe and easily accounted for. Losing even a single one can cause a world of headaches when replacing. There’s no need to go through that ordeal, so be mindful of your ID’s.

School transcripts

If you’ve got kids and are moving abroad, you’ll need school transcripts for every child of yours. They are made up of all the relevant data about a pupil. That means courses, grades, honors, degrees, and more. This is vitally important moving paperwork for your kids. Don’t catch yourself without it.

Medical records

You should also have your medical records on hand. The time while moving is pretty much the worst moment for you to fall ill. But it can happen. In that case, losing track of your medical documentation would be a disaster. As an extra note, if you own pets, make sure you don’t lose their veterinary records.

Medical record
Your medical record can save you during the stressful time of moving

Vehicle registration records

You should check if your vehicle registration is up to date. If it isn’t, you’ll want to get it sorted out before the move. Vehicle records are really important documents you need when moving across state lines. Don’t forget to update your driver’s license to include your new address, either.

Extra tip: keep everything tidy

Now you know what important documents for moving to keep safe. But we’ll leave you with this extra piece of advice. You’ll be handling a lot of paperwork when moving. So, you’ll have to be organized. This means making a clear, easy to use filing system.

To that end, you’ll likely need folders, binders, and labels. Place all related vital documents in one folder and then label said folder accordingly (for example, a folder named “personal ID”). Then, you can place similar folders in a box, which you should also name sensibly. Your important moving documents should be there for you at a moment’s notice, and this is the best way to make that possible.

Row of file folders
Neat and tidy is the way to go

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