What to do one day before the move

Moving preparations are the essence of every move. You just have to do it right if you want to have a nice and smooth move. But, before you think that there are only things you can do weeks before the move, you are wrong. Of course, you have to find NV movers on time, but that is not everything. There are certain things that you can do one day before the move. Of course, things are not that complicated but many people forget about them in the process. See what they are and prepare for the move like a professional.

What should you do one day before the move?

  • Prepare meals for the next day
  • Be sure that you are packed
  • Prepare the essentials for  the moving day

Prepare meals for the next day

You should use this time to prepare meals for the moving day. Of course, you can’t do anything big because you have probably packed appliances. That means that you can make just simple things like sandwiches. That is certainly enough for the moving day and you should not worry too much about it. This is best done the night before the moving day because the sandwiches could get bad, especially if you move in summer!

a sandwich - one day before the move
The last day is a perfect chance to make sandwiches for moving day!

Be sure that you are packed

Even though you should pack way before the last day, there are some things that you should do regarding packing. You need to make sure that you are completely packed. You can easily overlook this due to so many items that you have to relocate. Even though you are sure, it is wise to check again! Also, by doing this, you will minimize the chances of arguing with your movers. Just imagine them coming to you and you are not fully prepped.

Prepare the essentials for the moving day

Besides using the last day before the move to check whether you have packed properly, there are more things that you can do. You should pack a moving essentials bag where you will keep all the essentials for the moving day. It is best to do it on the last day because it does not take a lot of time. You should include your wallet, your keys, medications, documents, electronics, etc. Be sure to handle this on that day because you will not have time to do it on moving day.

a woman working on laptop
Pack essentials and prepare completely for the move!


When moving, it is very important that you have a schedule. You have to follow it if you want to have a smoother transition to your new home. One of the important days when moving is one day before the move. It is a perfect day to see whether you have done everything properly, get in touch with your movers Mesquite NV and check the time when they will come tomorrow, pack essential items, etc. You should not relax until you are sure that you have absolutely everything covered!

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