How to pack a wine collection for relocation

Wine collecting is one of many hobbies people enjoy. However, wine collecting can sometimes be an expensive hobby. Especially when you are collecting wines all over the world to enrich your collection. When moving, you naturally want to ensure that your wines are safe during the transport phase. For that reason, today we will talk about the best ways to pack a wine collection for relocation. More importantly, we will discuss what you need to acquire to ensure the safety of your wine bottles. A broken bottle is so much more than that. Apart from having monetary losses, the wine can spill and damage or stain other items inside the moving truck. So, before your moving companies in Nevada arrive, make sure you and your wine collection are set and ready for this move.

What do you need to do to pack a wine collection for relocation?

The wine collection is more than just a hobby. It is something people enjoy both collecting and drinking. Apart from pretty bottles and the wine color, the taste is also a crucial factor. So, when a wine bottle gets damaged or broken, the collector does not only lose its monetary value, it loses its sentimental value as well.

a wine collection standing on a shelf with grapes in front of it
The wine you are moving must have adequate protection during the transport phase

Especially if you have in your collection wines that are very old or rare. For that reason, you will have to make sure your wine bottles are safe during transport. But, what are the steps you should take to ensure their safety?

  • Before packing – appraise your wine
  • Obtain proper packing materials to ensure their safety
  • Label each box you pack
  • When unpacking make sure to let the wine rest for some time before opening it

Before packing – appraise your wine

Your wine collection has its own value. If you are not sure what the value is, you can go to your local wine vendor and they will help you get in contact with a wine appraiser. This step is crucial to be done before packing as it will let you know the true value of your collection. After you find out what the value is, you can sign an insurance policy with the moving company, like movers in Pahrump NV, to ensure the safety of your wines. More importantly, as you have, probably, been collecting wine for a longer period of time, you should be aware of the worth of your collection. This appraisal will help you figure out how protective you must be towards your collection. Especially before deciding to move them to a new location.

Obtain proper packing materials

To ensure the safety of your wine collection, you will need to provide it with adequate protection. This protection is best gained with proper packing materials for your wine. For instance, you should seek to obtain wooden crates if possible to store your wine. If not, you can opt for cardboard but will have to reinforce it. If you have any leftover packing materials from before, you can utilize them to ensure a higher level of safety for your wine collection.

a black and white picture of a wooden crate for you to pack a wine collection for relocation
Wooden crates in combination with hay are the best way to ensure the safety of your wine collection

On top of that, try to obtain hay hampers, as they provide adequate protection for your wine inside the box. If you are unable to find hay hampers, use clothes or other soft materials to ensure the bottles do not hit each other when on the road. Choosing proper packing materials to pack a wine collection for relocation is the most important step in the process.

Label each box as you pack a wine collection for relocation

Labelling is as important as proper packing. Especially if your wine collection is of higher monetary or sentimental value. By making sure that there are labels on the boxes, you will inform people handling them about the fragile state of the items inside. More importantly, you can communicate with the moving company and let them know that these items are of higher value. This, alongside the label, will let movers know that they need to pay close attention to how they handle these boxes. If you sign an insurance policy for your items, this will make it possible for you to claim the full price in case anything breaks during handling or transport.

Let wine rest for a while after the relocation

As you arrive at your new home, try avoiding opening a bottle of wine. We understand that that might be a good reason to celebrate, but your wine will require some resting time. Because of the move and the constant bottle shaking, your wine bottles will be under pressure.

a collection of wine bottles on a wooden table
Allow your wine to rest for at least a week before opening it

For that reason, you should avoid opening them for at least one week after the move. Instead, buy yourself another bottle of wine, that is not from your collection and celebrate. On the other hand, make sure your bottles remain at a proper temperature to ensure their quality remains the same.

Check for any regulations in the state you are moving to

Finally, if you pack a wine collection for relocation and the state you are moving into does not allow it – it will induce high levels of stress in you. So, make sure you inquire about any laws or regulations a state might have regarding alcoholic beverages or liquids in general. By knowing the laws and what to expect, you will eliminate the stress from this relocation. If not, your packing, as well as your collection will be in vain and you will be stressed about it. A positive relocation experience is one without stress. The best way to avoid stress in these situations is to be ready for everything and know what you are doing. In case there is a limit to how much you can bring into the state, selling some of the wines is a good way to get back the money spent on the move.

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