Packing your garage before you move

Car is a necessity nowadays and there is no doubt about it. It is the easiest way to get somewhere, right? Yes, but there are many challenges to owning a car. For example, not having a garage is one of them. Imagine yourself having to go to work and see that your car has frozen overnight. That is why having a garage is very practical but packing your garage for the move can be quite a job since there are usually many more things in there that you have to consider. Let’s see what are the potential obstacles and how to overcome them!

Packing your garage – steps towards success

Even though there is no universal recipe for packing your garage when the moving day comes, there are some things that will most likely make your packing process much easier like:

  • Sort and declutter
  • Gather packing supplies
  • Pack

Sort and declutter

Even though the main purpose of a garage is to be a place where you can park your vehicle, it is often used as an improvised storage unit. There are a lot of things that you will not probably need for your moving to Las Vegas, or anywhere for that matter. That is why you should sort and declutter before you get to the packing part. Instead of throwing unnecessary stuff away, you can donate them to someone that you know.

Gather packing supplies

Even though you have decluttered, we assume that there are still many things that you will have to pack and move. You will need an adequate amount of packing supplies so that you could pack everything. You can’t go without moving boxes, packing tapes, packing papers, plastic wraps, blankets, etc. It sounds like you will have to go all around your block to find all of these but the simplest solution is get them from your North Las Vegas movers. You do not even have to go outside of your house. Just tell about the stuff you have to pack and calculate how many things will be needed for the packing.

a box - Packing your garage
Get packing supplies on time


When it comes to packing your garage for the move, there are some things that we would like to address. Any item with sharp edges can be very dangerous so be sure to secure them with several layers of plastic wrap. A garage is usually filled with many tools that you should secure in the tools box. Just tape all around so that toolbox can’t open. On the other hand, power tools are different since you can’t put them in the toolboxes. You should pack them in their original packages and remove anything detachable that tool may have.

Sort your things before packing


Many people put gas tanks and other flammable material inside the garage. These are non-allowable items and you should never pack them. Your movers will not be responsible if something bad happens due to your negligence. Yes, some can be donated to your friends and family but some of them require special attention in order to be disposed of properly.


Packing your garage before the move is a process you should be very careful about. There are probably so many things in your garage and the most important part is to get rid of everything that you do not need or is not allowed to move. Once you do that, packing is a piece of cake!

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