How to Store Christmas decorations

When the holidays are over, we must adequately store Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, most people just throw them in the basement, packed in large boxes. It is not that simple job, though. You should use tips and tricks that professional packers and movers shared. Top moving company Las Vegas uses different sizes of boxes for packing. It protects items inside and other stuff in the basement. Also, you should safeguard decoration from dust, humidity, and pests. There are a few things that you should pay attention to.

  • Store Christmas decorations to prevent damaging and loss – do not forget that most of them are fragile and extremely sensitive;
  • You should protect them from the dust, which we all have in our basements or loft – do not forget to cover them or wrap in plastic;
  • Movers Henderson NV know that protection is also critical when packing something – you will go to the basement, use things there, and you need to protect other items, as well as yourself from injuries;
  • Do not forget that you should organize your basement so every piece of your stuff have its place – that way you should find the right place for your decoration so as to be able to find them for the next occasion.
  • In most cases, Christmas decorations live through the generations in the family, so keep in mind its sentimental value when packing.

Decoration in any circumstances is usually very sensitive and fragile. On the other hand, we typically do not care much about it when holidays are over. Do not forget that you will need them next year again. It is much better to store them and protect them for the following year.

A book on Christmas tree, pointing that you need to store Christmas decoration smartly
Christmas decorations need special care

Take care of the tree first if you want to store Christmas decorations properly

In case that you use the plastic tree for Christmas, you should re-use it for years. Although we usually do not worry much about the giant plastic tree, it is essential. You should protect it from dust and humidity. If it is full of dust, it could cause severe health issues during Christmas. On the other hand, you should make space in the basement for other items you have.

Sew box for the tree

There are a lot of simple guides on how to sew or make boxes from fabric. You can use an old clothes for it, or buy unique materials in a store. Those boxes you can decorate and protect from dust. In case you have a large tree, ask furniture movers Las Vegas for the table.

Wrap the tree in plastic

Not only that, you need to protect the tree from the dust. You need to shrink it and save space in the basement. The best way is to use special stretch plastic that moving services Las Vegas use. You can shrink the tree and tie it up to protect it.

Use clothing rack for storage

You can simply hang your decoration on clothing rack and save space. Put ornaments in plastic bags. When it comes to storing your Christmas tree, maybe the best is to leave it in the corner.

Store Christmas decorations carefully to protect ornaments

They are small and very fragile. In most cases, people use original boxes to store them. However, if you didn’t save them you should learn how to protect them during the year. You can use materials that you already have in your home. There are great DIY projects that you can adopt if you are wondering how to store Christmas decoration.

Ornaments are very sensitive

Use new plastic bags

Most of us put decorations in the same bags every year. Those are full of dust and maybe humidity. It is much better and safer to use new kits every year. If you have made your cloth bags, wash them before storing them.

Organize ornaments

Although we decorate the tree without any rule or specific organization, it is much better to separate ornaments when packing. Use different sizes of bags for that purpose. You can organize them by color, size, or years of usage.

Hand ornaments on the stick

You can use a large plastic stick and put it in the middle of the box. Then, simply hang ornaments on it. After that, cover it with the blanket or sheet. You will protect them from damaging and dust at the same time. Also, you can make your box from the fabric. There are a lot of patterns for boxes and baskets on the internet.

Use egg-boxes for small ornaments

If you do not have the original package, you can still use boxes for this purpose. Ask in liquid stores for their old bags and packages. Those boxes are large and sturdy. Also, for smaller ornaments, use old egg-packages.

Put ornaments in plastic cups

Again, you need to protect ornaments from damaging. The best way is to put them in small containers. You can put cups in large boxes and cover them after that.

Store Christmas decorations properly to prevent making knots

As you know, there are a lot of cables and pearls in Christmas decorations. It is hard to organize them well and protect them from making knots. However, you can use straightforward solution for this problem, too. The best part is that you can recycle old packages and boxes for them.

Christmas bubbles
Protect your decoration from dust and damaging

Use cardboard to wrap lights

We know how lights could make knots and get damaged. The easiest way to keep them still usable is to make small pieces of cardboard and wrap lights on them. After that, put lights in boxes and cover.

You can put garland in a plastic bottle

Crowns and pearls are the most challenging ornaments for packing. They make knots, and you cannot untie them next year. By placing them in plastic bottles you will be able to keep them in good shape for the next occasion.

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