Prohibited Items – the Items LV Movers Won’t Move

The most common question is what to take with you when moving. But perhaps the more important question is what not to move and which items are forbidden to move. If you pack some forbidden items, it can be dangerous for you, your belongings, and employees of the moving company. So, if you want to be fully prepared to move, we’ve got you covered. We have done a little research on prohibited items in a moving truck. Some of them are obvious, but some may come as a surprise.

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So, let’s begin!

What are prohibited items in moving trucks?

When moving, there are things that you should not pack, and things that you cannot pack. Thus, pack only permitted items, and the rest of them you can donate, sell or store in an independent Las Vegas storage. So, what objects will the movers not move?

Hazardous materials

Hazardous materials are one of the things that cannot be packed when moving. All long distance moving companies Las Vegas will say NO to the transport of hazardous materials. If you have hazardous materials, you cannot move them. But you can replace many of these items after you finish moving. Some of these materials are:

  • Acids
  • Batteries
  • Paints
  • Petrol
  • Guns, weapons and ammunition
  • Chemicals
  • Poisons
  • Coal
  • Matches
  • Motor oil
  • Fertilizers and pesticides
  • Fireworks

Hazardous substances can ignite or spill in the container and endanger other objects in the container, as well as people. Therefore, there is a special procedure for the transport of hazardous materials. And nobody knows that better than professionals.

Valuable items

Valuable items are not as dangerous as the previous ones. But they are very important. Many moving companies have their own regulations and special rules regarding valuables. So, if you plan to move these items (most likely you have some of them), store them in a separate box. Moving containers are a safe place to move your items, but you never know what might happen. Something may be damaged while moving. Thus, the solution to this problem is to transport these irreplaceable items separately. Most common valuables ​​are:

  • Important documents such as birth certificate, ID card, passport, credit card, etc.
  • Money
  • Jewelry
  • Medications
  • Electronics
  • Photo albums or any other sentimental objects
Pocket watch
Keep your valuables and documents with you on the day you move, because they are irreplaceable.

Most LV movers will not move valuable items due to risk, so they are usually prohibited items in moving trucks. In addition, you are likely to be more relaxed if you move these objects alone. If you lose a document, it is difficult to replace it. Not to mention that these items should not be in your storage either.

Plants and animals

If you want to transport your pet, you should hire a special pet moving company to do the job. Many moving companies do not allow certain types of plants (if moving locally, maybe they will accept them). This rule is especially important when you move somewhere far away (for example, to a different state). Each state has laws on what types of plants and animal species can be imported. The state wants to prevent the spread of disease. On the other hand, think about the weather in your new city. Many plants and animals cannot survive in hot or cold weather.

Perishable products

Food is not allowed in moving containers. Therefore, do not pack perishable foods and open foods in your moving boxes. This will attract some bugs or even rats. In addition, the food is likely to spoil after moving, and eating it is not a good idea. Therefore, before moving, you should buy only the most basic products (such as bread, milk, juice, etc.). Cook what you have in the freezer and refrigerator. Or you can always donate your food to one of the local foodbanks. The only products you can put in a moving container are non-perishable foods like pasta, rice, canned food, etc.

Fruits and vegetables
Fresh vegetables and fruits are definitely forbidden items in moving containers or boxes.

Now that you know what you cannot pack and what are the prohibited things in moving trucks, you will know how many items you need to move. It also means that you can calculate your moving costs and get a moving quote with one of the moving companies you choose.

Ask your moving company about prohibited items

Most items are the same for each moving company. But before you start packing, ask them for a list of prohibited items that they will not move, just in case. Contact the movers and freely ask them questions about moving if you want to hire a moving company for your relocation. They know what they can and cannot transport in their moving trucks. Maybe they have a much wider list of things they cannot be responsible for. Or, on the other hand, they may have less strict policies. The best thing is to ask them about it, and then you will know how to organize your packing.

Moving can be very stressful with all those things you need to do. But when you know what you can pack and what you need to drop, it will be a little easier. Keep in mind that there are some prohibited items that your LV movers will not move, so avoid moving mistakes of packing them. Mistakes are very common, but you should try to keep them to a minimum. If you follow our tips and the ones your moving company gives you, your move will be easy and stress-free.

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