How to Pest-Proof Your Storage Unit

When it comes to storage units, one of the goals is a rodent-proof unit. Because nobody wants to open their storage unit and find bed bugs infesting the sofa. Yet, storage units are vulnerable to pest infestations because the renter or owner doesn’t check it too often. This way the infestation can grow undetected and can easily spread from unit to unit. Although, this can’t happen to movers in Pahrump NV. Furthermore, we often tend to fill the storage units with cardboard, upholstery or cracks. Hence, it is no surprise that rodents and insects feel welcome. That is why it is so important to learn how to keep rodents and pests out of storage units. In this article, we will advise you on how to pest-proof your storage unit like a professional.

In the Beginning, Poison Is Not the Best Way to Protect Your Storage Unit

We suppose that the vast majority of people have experienced that awful experience with pests and rodents. But before you purchase a lot of traps and poison, know this. There are so many other methods to keep them out of your storage unit. Try to prevent them, instead of dealing with them later on. Good preparation is the key to keeping your items clean and safe. Bear that in mind if you’re moving to Nevada.

Traps are not the best way to pest-proof your storage unit.
Traps and poisons aren’t the only way to get rid of rodents. There are better ways to pest-proof your storage unit and save your items.

How to Pest-Proof Your Storage Unit and Keep Rats and Other Rodents Out of Your Storage Unit?

We have prepared a great guide with all the steps you need to take to pest-proof your storage unit. Above all, it is important to remove food, store your items correctly and pick the right facility.

Properly Pack Your Items

The best way to pack your items and consequently pest-proof your storage is to pack them in plastic totes. The plastic totes need to have airtight lids. By packing your belongings in well-sealed containers, you’ll surely keep the pests out of the way. Plastic containers are the best for packing, especially for clothing, fabrics, and linens. Also, we recommend buying new cardboard boxes. They are stronger and are less likely to have gaps where pests could enter. If you decide to use free moving boxes, avoid the ones from grocery stores or restaurants. These kinds of boxes know to attract unwanted pests.

Avoid Storing Food Inside Your Storage Unit

Although this tip sounds so obvious, many people make this mistake. Especially when they have to move in a hurry. Anyway, look for food in places where you might not have intended to leave it. Also, vacuum and clean out your furniture beneath the cushions. Check storage containers in your kitchen and check pots and pans for any crumbs left. On the other hand, you should be even more careful when it comes to storing food. Clean your storage unit with a broom and make sure there are no crumbs left. Finally, do not eat inside your storage unit at all. The smell of the food can be a huge attraction for unwanted creatures.

Avoid food to pest-proof your storage unit.
Restrain yourself from eating in a storage unit. That will prevent rodents and pests from entering.

Pest-Proof Your Storage Unit by Following Our Tips

Keep Your Items a Couple of Inches Off the Ground

It is very important to keep your items elevated off the ground. Although bugs can crawl, it’s easier to keep them away if you keep your items off the ground. One of the suggestions is to use open shelves or place clean pallets on the ground. At the same time, you’ll pest-proof your storage unit and protect your belongings from moisture.

Covering Mattresses and Upholstered Furniture Can Help

It is a common fact that bed bugs get in storage units through mattresses. So, make sure your mattress is free of any insects before you store it. It is useful to use a plastic mattress cover that is designed to keep pests out. On the other hand, bugs can crawl into any upholstered furniture. That’s why it is important to cover all the furniture that has fabric on it. Cover furniture properly and you will be safe from pests and rodents. Besides pest-proofing your furniture, make sure that it can also breathe. So, don’t wrap it too tightly because it can cause moisture underneath and ruin your furniture.

Pest-proof your mattress.
Make sure to pest-proof important items in your storage unit like a mattress.

When You Pest-Proof Your Storage Unit, Use Natural Pest Detergents

Before you use any type of bug spray, check with your storage facility. Reputable and reliable storage facilities employ professional pest control services. The methods of professionals are effective and safe for people. Yes, you can use mothballs, but the smell can ruin your clothing and furniture.

When dealing with pests, it’s essential to consider the most effective and safe methods for eradication. Instead of resorting to DIY solutions like mothballs, which can leave unpleasant odors and potentially harm your belongings, it’s wise to rely on professional pest control services. Urban Pest Control specialists possess the expertise and resources to tackle pest infestations efficiently while prioritizing the safety of your environment. By consulting with reputable pest control professionals, you can ensure that your home or storage facility remains pest-free without compromising the well-being of yourself or your belongings.

Don’t Forget to Visit Your Storage Unit Regularly

If you catch rodents or pests on time, the remedy is quite easy. That’s why we recommend that you visit your storage unit every month. Each time you visit it, make sure to inspect for any signs of pest or rodent damage. In case you notice any of these problems, contact the management immediately. It is crucial that the company inspects the problem and fixes it as soon as possible.

Pick a Storage Facility That Cares About Pest-Proofing Your Storage Unit

Before choosing a storage facility, there are some red flags you should take into consideration. For instance, if the storage doors have visible gaps or degraded seals. It is also extremely important that the management takes proper care of the storage unit.

Before you pick a storage facility, consider these facts.

  • The storage facility in question must have well-kept landscaping.
  • Ask the company if it engages pest control services quarterly or monthly.
  • Make sure that the doors and access areas are in good condition.
  • Inspect the storage facility to see if it has any trash.
  • Look for any concealed trash in the garbage areas. That way you’ll know if the trash is removed every week.
Garbage won't help to pest-proof your storage unit.
Make sure to throw away all the garbage. That way, you will surely keep pests away from your storage unit.


To sum it up, keep the storage unit area clean, eliminate unwanted odors and drop some essential oil. All of our advice will help you to pest-proof your storage unit without too much fuss. Good luck!

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