How to Get Around Las Vegas

Whenever you’re new to a city, there are lots of things to learn and get used to. One of those things is transportation. Every city has a different system of transportation and it can be challenging to get the hang of it in the beginning. In some cities, cars are the most popular, while in other places people prefer taking public transport. Some people love biking and walking, whilst others would rather take a cab. If you’re new to Las Vegas, you’re probably wondering what the best means of transportation is. After you hire reliable movers Las Vegas, it’s time to prepare for your new lifestyle. So, here are some tips for how to get around Las Vegas.

Driving in Las Vegas

A grey Ford car. Driving a car is one of your options for getting around Las Vegas.
If you prefer to stay in the comfort of your own car, you can drive around Vegas without issues.

Nowadays, most people own a car and their car is their favorite way of getting around town. If you’re one of those people, you can join them and drive around the city. There’s no need to forget about your car once you find Henderson movers NV and move to Las Vegas. Using a car to get around Las Vegas isn’t difficult or as frustrating as it would be in New York. Traffic is, of course, a little denser on the Strip, as you would imagine. You can simply avoid this Boulevard and beware of driving here in the evenings and on the weekend. The casinos offer free valet parking and you can even find free garages, so parking doesn’t have to be an issue if you’re going on a night out.

You Can Get Around Las Vegas On a Bike

A bike inside a room.
Riding your bike is a great way to stay in shape while going around Las Vegas.

Once you find yourself in Sin City, you have other options than driving your car. You might be a lover of physical activity and eco-friendly transportation, you might be interested in riding a bike around the city. If that’s the case, you’re in luck – moving to Las Vegas doesn’t mean you have to leave your bike behind. Many of the streets in Vegas have bike lanes. This means that you can safely get from A to B on your bicycle and you don’t have to worry about traffic. Not only is biking eco-friendly, but it’s also really good for your body. If you choose this way of getting around Vegas, you’ll stay in shape but you’ll still get places quicker than on foot. Also, it’s free! What more could you ask for?

Public Transportation

Just like in any other city, public transport is a great form of transportation in Vegas. All the big cities offer relatively cheap and regular public transportation options for their citizens. Well, Vegas isn’t an exception. There are buses and trams that you can take to get places faster. However, there are some extra forms of public transport in Vegas.

  • Apart from the regular buses and trams, there’s also the Las Vegas Monorail that takes you from one end of the Strip to another. This is very popular among tourists. Keep in mind that the Monorail doesn’t run all night long. After a certain hour, you’ll need to find a different option.
  • Another form of transportation in Las Vegas is the Deuce. This bus operated by the Regional Transportation Committee. It goes through town and you can take two specific routes for the Strip or Downtown. These two specific buses are called Deuce on the Strip and SDX Strip & Downtown Express. Taking a bus is a great way to get to your desired destination without spending tonnes of money.

Taking a Taxi

Taxi sign
If you’re wondering how you can travel around Vegas, taking a taxi is always an option.

If you don’t own a car and you don’t have time to wait for public transport, you can always call a cab. Of course, this is a slightly pricier option, but splurging on a cab from time to time isn’t the end of the world. And to be completely honest, this is one of the main ways of getting places in Las Vegas. There are plenty of cabs all around the city and there are taxis waiting in line in front of hotels almost always. So, you can’t miss them. Of course, the cost of the cabs varies depending on the time of year, traffic and the destination. If you’re moving to Nevada from NYC, keep in mind that you can’t hail a cab in Vegas. They have to pick you up at a physical address, so you’ll need to call them up.

Ride-Sharing to Get Around the City

When someone mentions ride-sharing, the first things that come to mind are Uber and Lyft. These are also very popular when it comes to going around Las Vegas. All you need is their apps and you’re ready to order your ride. Once you order the ride, you’ll get an estimated price in the app. Keep in mind that the prices might become higher at times of high demand, during certain events and activities. But, you probably already know everything about these companies as they are becoming more and more popular. This is a great way to avoid taking public transportation or driving through traffic.

Getting around the city

Just like in any other major city, there are plenty of different ways to get around Las Vegas. There are options that allow you to be more physically active and eco-friendly, as well as those that will take you to the location quicker. You can choose your favorite form of transportation and get to work on time. Explore your options and see what type of transport suits you best. You can even try walking places if you like a challenge.

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