How to Turn Your Basement Into a Living Space

Switching things up and transforming your dark and most likely damp basement into a living area can be very beneficial. Namely, not only would you get additional space, but you would increase the value of your home as well. Luckily, most houses and homeowners find it rather easy to turn your basement into a living space. This new area in your home can include a play area, media room, or even another bedroom and bathroomHowever, there are several factors which will influence how long the renovation would take and how expensive it will be. Some of these factors include the current ceiling height and insulation needs. 

What makes this kind of renovation even better is that whatever you invest in your basement will find its way back to you. Specifically, around 70% of your basement renovation budget will add value to your overall property value. Also, in the United States, the average cost of a basement renovation was around $70,000. However, keep in mind that this is a rough estimate. Your renovation can cost as much as you are able to afford. Therefore, do not stress too much about it since it is possible to avoid unwanted moving expenses. All you have to do is keep reading to learn the best tips on how to turn your basement into a living space! 

Should You Hire Professionals?

Hiring professional help is undeniably always a plus. However, when it comes to renovation, you should first consider hiring one of the best residential moving companies Las Vegas. This is because they will help you prepare your basement for the renovation. Afterward, your professional renovation help can have a clean slate to begin their work. Namely, you should look for a company whose workers are able to handle anything you throw at them. This includes: 

  • Bad plumbing 
  • Not enough natural light 
  • High humidity 
  • Low ceilings 

If your renovation company can handle all of these, you can be sure that you can turn your basement into a living space. The only thing you should keep in mind that the level of transformation you can expect depends on how much you are willing to pay. If it helps you decide, remember that however much you invest in the renovation, you will receive it back in the increase of your home value. 

Deal With Bad Plumbing if you want to Turn Your Basement Into a Living Space 

In most cases, homeowners want to completely redesign their basement bathroom. Usually, this means adding a full bath to their basement area. However, you should bear in mind that the plumbing for this probably goes through concrete. Luckily, this will help you avoid any kinds of flooding in case any of the pipes burst.  

Adding a bath in your basement will be a challenge

One thing you should put extra focus on is the sewer lines. Since your new basement bathroom will most likely be under the sewer lines, you will need a pump. Namely, this pump will help get the waste out. Moreover, transforming your bathroom will definitely add to your renovation budget. However, in most cases, people agree that it is completely worth the extra cost.  

The Height of the Basement Ceiling can Sometimes be an Issue

One of the main issues you may run into when they want to turn your basement into a living space is the ceiling. Namely, building regulations are different in every town. Usually, the height requirement for the ceiling can be anywhere between six and seven feet. Along with this, around 50of basement jobs need you to dig the floor even lower. In doing so, it will make room for additional ceiling height.  

Basement walls can be tricky to change

Keep in mind that this kind of work requires cracking open the existing concrete floor. Also, this floor is usually one to two inches thick. After you do this, you will have to remove the excess dirt and then re-lay a new concrete floor. However, you will have beautiful high walls in your basement after you do this. Therefore, you should go to some of the best art galleries to visit. In doing so, you will find inspiration for decorating your new basement walls! 

Changing the Size of Your Basement can be Challenging 

One of the main questions you should ask yourself is how much do you want to change your basement in size. A great tip you should use is to ask professional Vegas movers for advice. Since they are experts, they will have a better insight of what is doable in your home. Bear in mind, the more you want to change the size of your basement, the higher the cost of the transformation will be.  

playarea - turn your basement into a living space
A play area is a great option!

Typically, the average size of a basement before renovations is around a thousand square feet. However, even if your basement is smaller than this, there are still things you can do to improve it. For example, if you have a smaller basement, you could turn it into a play area for your kids. Also, you should make note of all the equipment you have in the basement. Specifically, if you have your home’s boiler, keep in mind that it takes up some of the free space you would otherwise have.  

The boiler not only plays a vital role in maintaining a comfortable living environment but also occupies valuable space. To optimize the functionality of your basement, it’s prudent to plan around the boiler’s location, ensuring that the space is used efficiently. One way to safeguard it and make it look good too, maintain its performance is by securing comprehensive boiler cover. Direct Line boiler cover, for instance, provides a reliable solution to protect your boiler from unexpected breakdowns and repairs. With boiler cover, you can have peace of mind knowing that your basement’s heating system is well-maintained and that potential issues can be addressed promptly. This not only ensures the longevity of your boiler but also contributes to the overall comfort and functionality of your renovated basement space.

Consider Waterproofing and Insulation if you want to Turn Your Basement Into a Living Space

In most houses, basements are typically dark and damp spaces. This is due to the indoor moisture that is inside the house. Along with the humidity, flooding may also be an issue in basements. Therefore, make sure you pay attention when it rains the next time.  

Luckily, the solution to these two problems is fairly simple. Namely, all you will have to do is improve your insulation and waterproof your basement. Since this generally isn’t a popular DIY project, our best tip would be to consult a professional. The only thing you should focus on is having fun while you turn your basement into a living space! 

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