How to make a timeline of your post-moving activities

Preparation is everything when it comes to moving. It is very important that you prepare properly because a lot depends on it. But, moving is not all about pre-moving activities. There are a lot of post-moving activities that you need to handle properly if you want to say that you have had a successful relocation. But, in order to know and manage this, you should make a timeline of your post-moving activities. Everything should be planned if you want to finish as soon as possible. Of course, a lot depends on your Vegas movers because they are the ones that are moving you. Be sure to understand what it takes to have a full moving experience!

The best way to make a timeline of your post-moving activities

Most of the things can wait a bit before you handle them. Instead, we are going to mention a couple of them that you should handle as soon as possible!

  • Unpack first
  • Handle your utilities
  • Secure the home

Unpack first

Unpacking is the opposite of packing. We say this because it can consume as much time as packing did. It is the reason why you should create an efficient unpacking plan. You should create an inventory list where you will know where each item is located. The important thing here is that you can wait a bit and not unpack all your items. But, the crucial things have to be unpacked and that has to be done immediately. You should unpack items for your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Everything else can wait a bit longer.

unpacking - make a timeline of your post-moving activities
Unpack necessary items immediately

Handle your utilities

After you get to your new home, you want to handle your utilities as soon as possible. As soon as your household movers Las Vegas finish their job, you need to start thinking about utilities. You need them and you just can’t go without them, even if it is for a few days. You need water to shower, electricity to make some food and restore your energy. Also, if you are moving in winter, you will need the heat so be sure to handle this immediately.

Handle utilities on time!

Secure your home

One of the most important post-move activities is making sure that your new home is safe from crime. Depending on the way you got it, it may be necessary. It is always wise to change all the locks and protect yourself. Also, if you have enough money, you can install video cameras that will make you feel extra safe. It is on you.

Be sure to relax after handling high priority tasks!

After you have done the necessary things, you can start thinking about what’s next. But, since it can wait a bit and you have moved to Las Vegas, you can spend a post-move weekend in LV as you should, enjoying yourself. It is not all just about moving, you should relax and clear your head in order to decide on your next steps.


Once the move ends, you are not done. That is a common mistake that people make. You should make a timeline of your post-moving activities and handle some things as soon as you can. Of course, some tasks can wait a bit but you should not procrastinate for too long. Every post-moving activity should be done in the first two weeks. Be sure to handle all of them and you will resume your new life sooner!

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