How to pack frames and mirrors

During relocation your most valuable items will require the most protection when in transport. Unlike regular items, these items usually have a very fragile and sensitive nature, meaning that the smallest of damage can break them. Moreover, to protect these types of items, one should have the basic experience of handling them. If you lack it, consider hiring the best movers in Las Vegas to help you do it properly. Today, we will talk about ways you can pack frames and mirrors for the move. These items are quite fragile, especially the glass. Not doing a proper job in protecting them can easily damage the item while in transport. So, make sure you choose the right option when it comes to their protection.

Do I need special items when I pack frames and mirrors?

Well, in most cases not really. Most of the time, you want to ensure that the items are safe from shock damage and tension. In addition, you should always strive to place them in the perfect position when in the moving truck. This way, you can reduce the chances of the items breaking loose and tumbling around the truck. However, it is always advisable, especially if you hire movers Henderson, NV, to either opt for proper packing services from the moving company or obtain special materials in advance.

two paintings in black frames on the wall as something to protect when you pack frames and mirrors
Frames are less fragile than mirrors but will still require some form of protection

The better materials you choose for protection, the safer your items will be. What matters the most is how you wrap and handle them. Again, if you are lacking experience with these types of relocations, hire a professional moving company.

What are the supplies you will usually need for this?

Moving fragile and sensitive items is done with proper layering and attention to detail. When doing so, you will have to pay close attention to each corner of the item and make sure that it has adequate protection. If you are not considering contacting the moving company for such services, here is what you will need:

  • Cardboard boxes, preferably the size of your mirror (when flattened)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Wrapping plastic or glassine if possible
  • Packing tape and a pair of scissors
  • A marker to label the boxes as you finish

The quality of the packing material you choose will play a big part in the overall protection of the items. In most cases, these materials will not protect your items from bad handling. They provide protection from scratching, sliding, and slight hits. If the mirrors fall while being carried they will probably be damaged.

Frames are less likely to suffer damage in comparison to mirrors

When talking about ways to pack frames and mirrors it is to no comparison that frames are much easier to handle. Although there are some expensive picture or artwork frames, in most cases you will require fewer materials to protect them. As they are primarily made out of wood, they will be light and easy to protect. Of course, you need to make sure that there are enough cushioning materials around them.

a man holding a black frame in nature
The frames you are packing, regardless of size and material, should never be underneath other items

What you should never do when packing these types of items is place them at the bottom of the box. If you do so, they will have to endure the pressure from the items above. Often enough, they will fail to do so and suffer damage. So, either pack them in a separate box from other items or gently place them on top of the box.

How should you pack frames and mirrors?

We can identify three main steps of packing items like frames and mirrors. The first step is to acquire adequate materials and prepare them for packing. The second step is to carefully place the items in a proper position. The third step is carefully devoting time to each part of the items until it is fully protected. Much like packing a fine china collection, you want to ensure that there is a soft surface on which you can do this. Make sure everything is ready and start packing the items slowly.

Secure the most vulnerable parts of the items

Firstly, make sure your glass is well protected. Place glassine and a layer of bubble wrap atop of it. Secondly, use packing tape to ensure they remain where they should. If your mirrors have a valuable frame as well, you can place corner protectors on the corners of the frames. If you do not have any, you can simply put bubble wrap around the corners. Moreover, if that does not feel good enough, wrap the whole frame in bubble wrap. The glass is the most important part of the mirror and it will require the biggest protection.

Time to wrap the whole item

Once you finish this, you want to add more layers, just so you can be safe. Lay a couple of sheets of packing paper on the ground. After that, gently put the mirror, glass side down, on the floor, atop of packing paper. Note that the packing paper should be a little bigger than the mirror itself. Repeat that on the other side of the mirror without turning it around. Once you do that, use packing tape to ensure that the paper remains on the mirror at all times. Repeat the process with as many layers as you think are necessary.

Finally, utilize the boxes to pack frames and mirrors

In the end, you want to use flat cardboard for mirrors and regular cardboard boxes for frames. Use the packing tape and tape the cardboard box from both sides of the mirror. If the frames are small enough, you can store them inside the box and add protective layers in between them.

stacks of corrugated cardboard
If safety of the items is still your concern, go for corrugated cardboard as it will provide much better protection

Ideally, you want to label the boxes to let the moving company know that they should handle the items carefully. More importantly, the label will tell them that they need to secure the position of the item inside the moving truck.


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