Packing your guest room

Moving is a complicated process with a lot of different obligations. Apart from preparing all the documentation you need, you will also need to pack your entire house. However, proper planning and thinking in advance can help you tackle this process much easier. Another thing that can make your relocation process easier is hiring full service moving company Las Vegas to help you with everything you need. As we said, packing and moving your home will require prior planning. This also applies when packing your guest room. Today, we will help you understand where to start and how to pack this room to ensure you do it properly. More importantly, we will talk about some general things you should do before you even start the packing process.

Packing your guest room should not differ from packing other rooms

In most cases, relocation seems like a process you do over and over again. However, you are doing it in different rooms. With a slight difference in the type of items you are moving, all of the rooms will require focus and patience. More importantly, you will need to develop a plan to ensure you have enough time to finish everything. In this regard, your guest room does not differ much from any other room in your house, for example, your bedroom.

a stack of boxes and a mattress after packing your guest room
Like for most rooms, you will need durable containers and a lot of packing and protective materials to ensure the safety of the items

The only positive thing will be that, unlike your bedroom, you will probably have little-to-no clothes to pack and sort. However, if you have some sort of valuable items or antiquity inside the guest room, your best solution is to hire long-distance movers Las Vegas. The services of a professional company will aid you in safely transporting and handling your precious items and objects.

Declutter the room before you start packing it

Like with other rooms, you should devote some time to cleaning out the room and making sure you do not carry any excess items with you. Especially if you used the guest room to store some items you did not have a place for in other rooms. So, before you start packing all the items inside, make sure you go through them to see if you need everything. In most cases, one would find items that have not been used for a long period of time. If that is the case, make sure you separate those items aside. Later, you can either sell them, donate them or throw them away. More importantly, as you declutter, you are reducing the costs of the relocation process. This means that you will have fewer items to sort through and fewer items to move.

Develop a plan on how you want to approach the packing process

You want to avoid doing multiple rooms at once when moving. Instead, try to focus on one room at a time. After you chose a moving date you will need a proper plan to ensure you prepare everything in time. The best way to do so is to pack one room at a time and leave the heaviest items last. For instance, leave the bed and the mattress when packing your guest room for the end of the process. Make sure you pack all the other items first to ensure everything is accounted for.

a person writting things down in their planner
Write down all the important things you must do and the items you are moving to ensure you finish everything on time

If you want, you can create a checklist of all items you have already packed. This checklist will not only help you keep all the items accounted for. It will also help you see your progress and figure out how much more you have to do.

Packing your guest room – How to do it?

As we were saying, packing this room will not differ much from your bedroom, for example. Because you will have a certain amount of furniture to move, you need to figure out what is the best solution. For instance:

  • Do you need a storage room?
  • How many packing supplies do you need?
  • Should you hire professional movers to provide the best protection and handling?
  • How much protection does the furniture need?
  • Is it better to move or sell the items from the room?

This will all depend on the space you have in your new home. Your new home, for instance, might not have enough space to have a guest room in the first place. If that is the case, you need to be aware of it. By being aware, you will be able to find the best solution fairly quickly.

Hire professional movers

The best way to ensure you do everything correctly is to hire a professional moving company. However, be wary, as there can be a lot of fraudulent moving companies out there. Especially if you are planning on moving more expensive items or personal valuables.

moving company crew packing an item inside the truck
The experience of a moving company will help you transport your items in the safest possible manner

Do your research, find the best moving company in your area and contact them. Make sure you ask what type of services they can provide for you. Based on those services, you will be able to choose some that are the best for your situation. If this is your first time moving, you can also ask for their advice on how to approach this process properly.

Each item you pack will need a container and protection

Obtain moving boxes. You can choose, in most cases, between cardboard and plastic containers. These are the two of the most commonly used items when moving. Additionally, when packing your guest room, make sure you obtain enough protective supplies. This is to ensure the items do not break or damage while in transit. These items are usually bubble wrap, wrapping plastic, cushioning materials, etc. For instance, if you want to ensure your items are safe, you can use clothes as cushioning material. Place soft clothes at the bottom of the box and in-between each layer of items you pack. This will provide additional security to your items.

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