Reasons to Hire Professional Packers for Moving Your Piano

Did you ever think about hiring professional packers for moving your piano instead of regular piano movers? Did you know that’s a better and more affordable idea for relocating a piano? If you’re surprised, we’ll show you the benefits of hiring packing services. DIY moving piano ideas will only bring you additional costs, possible injuries and damages of your piano. By hiring professional packers you’ll save time and money, and relocate your piano safely to your new home. Since the piano is a very expensive and valuable instrument, you can ask professional packers to get moving insurance. Hiring professional packers will provide maximum protection for your piano, and to relocate it check the best moving companies Las Vegas. Now, let’s see the reasons to hire professional packers for packing and moving your piano!

Hire Professional Packers for Moving Your Piano And Save Money!

Did you know that you can save money if you hire professional packers for moving your piano? That’s because hiring piano movers will cost you more than hiring regular movers for the same job. For packing and moving a vertical piano you’ll need 3 movers and up to 6 movers for a grand piano. Movers’ hourly rate is usually from $25 to $40. If you didn’t know, pianos usually weigh between 300 to 1,000 pounds, sometimes even more. The price of a quality piano goes upwards of $100.000! Now do you understand why you should hire professional movers? They will pack your piano so it stays safe during transport. You can also hire packing and unpacking services and pick moving insurance. Moving insurance will help you protect your piano if anything goes wrong during relocation. Need to relocate furniture, too? Find reliable furniture movers Las Vegas.

hire professional packers for moving your piano
Hire professional packers for moving your piano and save your money, time and nerves during relocation.

Affordable on a Long-Distance Move

If you’re moving long-distance, you should definitely hire professional packers to relocate your piano. Relocating alone means you have to rent a truck, load and drive the truck, buy moving equipment, packing supplies and ask your friends to help you relocate your piano. As you probably don’t have experience with heavy lifting and handling, you can get hurt. Improper use of equipment can damage your piano, so you’ll need to pay for repairs. All in all, that can cost you a fortune. Hiring professional packers is one of the most affordable ways to avoid unwanted moving expenses on a long-distance relocation.

Your Piano Will Be Safe

There are some more benefits of hiring professional packers. We hope you weren’t planning on relocating a piano in your own vehicle. That’s the easiest way to damage your piano. Your vehicle is not a moving truck. It doesn’t have enough space, nor the equipment to hold a piano during transport. Professional packers will pack your piano and load the moving truck carefully. They will check if the piano has enough space so it doesn’t move during transport. Your piano will be safely relocated to your new home.

a piano
Professional packers have all of the equipment and experience to move your piano safely.

Professional Packers Gave All Packing Materials for Moving Fragile Items

Hire professional packers to move your piano and avoid extra costs for packing materials and supplies. Professional packers will provide maximum protection for your piano because they have the best packing materials. They have special boxes for fragile items, bubble wrapping, foam and supplies for safe transport. Buying supplies for protecting the piano by yourself will lead to additional costs, especially if you are not sure what you need to buy for packing a piano. By hiring professional packers you’ll avoid extra costs and losing your time searching for materials and supplies for protecting fragile items.

a man holding a piggy bank
Hire professional packers to avoid additional costs for packing supplies and materials.

Hire Professional Packers to Save Your Time

Time is money but moving is about both time and money. If you hire professional packers for moving your piano, you won’t only save your money, but also time. This is important because not everyone has the luxury of a month or two of free time to deal with the relocation process. People go to work, take their kids to school, walk their pets, and they need to find free time to prepare for moving. That’s almost impossible. Professional packers can pack your entire household and delicate items like the piano in a few days. Sometimes in just one day. This means you will have time for all your daily activities.

It’s Less Stressful

When you decide to hire professional packers for moving your piano, you also decide to relocate without stress. Moving is a very stressful process, especially when you’re worrying about relocating expensive and fragile items like a piano. Professional packers will save your time and energy, so you can relax and let them pack and protect your piano the best way. Professional packers will prevent both emotional and physical stress. That’s worth your money.

No Injuries

Remember all those commercials with serious injuries caused by heavy lifting and improper use of equipment? Well, you can avoid those injuries by hiring professional packers for moving your piano. Professionals are well-trained in proper lifting and they have a lot of experience with safe handling pianos. Besides, they have special equipment and they know how to use it properly. Not everyone is capable of lifting heavy items, but if you hire professional packers you’ll avoid injuries such as back pain, muscle sprains or even more serious ones.

furniture with a piano in the corner
Packing and lifting heavy furniture and a piano can lead to serious injuries if you don’t hire professional packers.

They Gave Appropriate Storage

Should you hire a professional piano mover or a household-mover? While regular piano movers usually offer just relocation, professional movers will offer you packing services and even appropriate storage. Many movers have special storage units where they can store fragile and expensive items. If you hire professional packers for moving your piano, ask if they have climate-controlled storage. Temperature conditions are very important because pianos are made of special wood and expensive materials. This is also important for a piano’s soundboard, pin block, and surface.

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