A guide to moving day etiquette

Can you imagine a bunch of boxes with people running around, moving them disorganized from one place to another without caring about other people? Although relocation is a dynamic process of moving things from one location to another, it must be done with tolerance and etiquette. That’s why during the move, regardless of whether you do it yourself or with the help of a moving company, you have to stick to certain moving day etiquette. This way you will avoid additional stress during that otherwise very stressful day. Find out how to make a pleasant moving day with Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas professional advice.

Prepare your neighbors for your moving day

In the city you are leaving, you have neighbors with whom you have shared the good and the bad for years. Since your family members were their friends, surely most of them know about your departure. You are still unknown in a new city, and you certainly don’t want to make enemies on the first day. That is why the neighbors of both cities must be informed in time about your relocation.

a family moving boxes
Prepare the housemates for a stressful day and the possibility to help during the move

It will be good to coordinate the time of your move with their working hours. Like that, neighbors will be burdened by your activities for a shorter part of the day. Also, everyone will be prepared for the crowd that will be in the neighborhood and for additional vehicles in the parking spaces. Some may even apply to help with the move. If you don’t have that luck, you can certainly rely on furniture movers Las Vegas and complete the relocation of your belongings with them.

Talk to the housemates one more time

The housemates, like you, are aware that the day will be stressful and physically demanding. Sit together once more and talk about the day ahead. Support the housemates to be patient and to forget about nervousness and arguments. It is in everyone’s interest that the day passes as peacefully as possible. A stable atmosphere among all participants in the move will make everything go faster.

Provide enough space for the moving truck

The parking space for the vehicle transporting your belongings must be prepared even before the moving day. You don’t want to arrive in front of a new apartment and find a vacant place 100m away. This is especially important if you are moving to the city, to avoid additional costs due to written parking fines. If the new neighborhood has a shared driveway, ask about when moving trucks are allowed to park and unload.

Be friendly and available to the moving crew

An important part of daily etiquette is the relationship with the moving team. They will be the stars of the day, so you should show them gratitude for all that they do. Always be near them, but don’t bother them. They may need your help in sorting the boxes. Clear all the clutter from the paths to make it easier for them to carry things. Emphasize which boxes contain fragile items. Serve with coffee and sweets and always have water on hand. Moving is a very exhausting job. If there are things you forgot to ask your local movers Las Vegas, you can ask their crew during the relocation day. Don’t forget that a kind word opens an iron door. A relationship with respect and gratitude can bring many benefits during the relocation.

a man drinks water
Moving day etiquette includes nice behavior with the moving crew

Take care of a property you are moving into if you are moving yourself

When moving into the apartment, you have to move furniture and boxes through the corridors. You must take care, especially when moving bulky pieces of furniture so that they do not damage the walls of the corridor. If this does happen, don’t forget to fix it as soon as you’re done with the relocation. It is best to insure yourself with relocation services Las Vegas. Thus, all bulky items will be well packed, and there will be less probability of damage during carrying.

Leave everything clean behind you

We all like to be greeted by a clean apartment on move-in day. The good thing is that you cleaned most of it when packing. However, you must not forget about the final cleaning after the movers have loaded all your boxes and furniture into the truck. Go through the entire apartment once more and check that all the rooms have been cleared of clutter. You might find pieces of stretch tape or empty water bottles. Remove everything, sweep the floors, and take the trash with you when you leave the house.

Tip the movers

Tipping for a job well done is part of the moving day etiquette. Although some believe that it is enough to serve juices, sweets, and even lunch and thus reward the moving team, the most practical tipping is by money. Tipping can be done at any time of the day, and the amount is up to you. Experts in this field say that it is ideal to leave a tip of 5-10% of the total value of the relocation. Since you will know the Las Vegas moving rates before starting your relocation, you can plan the amount of money you will give as a tip. When tipping, you must not forget the crew that didn’t pack or carry your things, the driver, and the supervisor. In the end, don’t forget to give your kind word and praise for a job well done.

Leave a welcome card for new residents

If you leave a welcome letter to the new tenants, they will feel satisfied that they decided to move into that house. It’s nice to write a few tips about the house or the surroundings. You can also leave them a contact number and write that they are welcome to contact you if they need advice on living in a new city.

a woman writing a welcome note as a manner of moving day etiquette
Leaving a welcome note will make new residents satisfied that they decided to move into the house

The moving company will also follow moving day etiquette

If you have chosen to complete the move with a moving company, be sure of their professionalism and manners. With joint strength and tolerance, as well as the timely organization of everything for the moving day, you will make that day run like clockwork. Take another look at the guide to moving day etiquette and start preparing for the move.

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