The ultimate guide on moving a hot tub

Relocation is not an easy task because it takes a lot of preparation, time, and money. Moving a hot tub is an additional task that can make the whole process harder if not done properly. You need to inform yourself about how to move your tub without damaging it or hurting yourself. That’s why we are here to help you. The safest way of doing this is, of course, hiring professional help. However, not everyone has a budget big enough to afford this, and all they have left is to try and move it themselves. Therefore, we will be talking about moving a hot tub on your own, what are some common mistakes, and why is it important to hire professionals like local movers Las Vegas if your budget allows it.

What are some of the common mistakes when moving a hot tub?

Before we jump into the talk about moving your hot tub, let’s talk about some common mistakes people make. First and foremost, some people do not prepare well for this job. They simply either lack enough manpower to carry the tub, or the preparations are simply not complete. For this reason, our team of experts has decided to create a small guide. We will show you how to properly relocate your hot tub. Even more, you can always contact residential moving companies Las Vegas to help you out. Hopefully, you will do this without any problems. In the meantime, make sure to read our guide.

a close-up photo of a measuring tape for moving a bath tub
Try to measure your hot tub before moving it

Things to do in order to avoid mistakes when moving a hot tub

In order to avoid making mistakes, you will need to prepare well. However, in some cases, you will need to contact professionals to help you out. For example, when you need to move while pregnant, you will not be able to move a hot tub as well. It is heavy and lifting heavy items is definitely not good for pregnant women. So, you will need someone to help you out. In any case, here is what you need to do:

  • Pack the hot tub accessories individually. There are many accessories in a hot tub. For example, some hot tubs have small steps you use to get inside, some have waterproof pillows, and so on. It would be a mistake to pack everything together like a whole unit. Instead, pack everything in different moving boxes.
  • Measure your hot tub. In some cases, you will need to carry your hot tub through narrow spaces. Unless you measure your hot tub, you might not know whether or not it will fit through the doors. So, make sure that you know the dimensions of your hot tub before you relocate.

Some really important details you should not miss

Hot tubs are, by default, really heavy and bulky. Thus, you will have to make sure that you can carry your hot tub somewhere else. You can hire some of the finest affordable movers Las Vegas offers. They are moving experts and professionals and they can help you out. Otherwise, you should call someone to help you out. Hot tubs weigh around 900 pounds without water. So, you will definitely need a few extra pairs of hands to help you out.

three girls standing beside the table talking about moving a hot tub
Having someone helping you carry the hot tub is a good idea

The goal is to avoid all mistakes when moving a hot tub. For this, you will definitely need someone to help you out. The more you think about this, the better it will be in the end. Even more, you will have to make sure that you can relocate without any problems. Good luck!

A detailed guide on moving your hot tub – step by step

If you decide to move the hot tub by yourself instead of using the moving services Las Vegas has to offer, either to save money or because your budget is not big enough for hiring professional movers, here are a few steps you should follow in order to perform this task successfully.

Get your moving supplies

Gathering the required moving equipment and supplies is the first step in effectively transporting a hot tub without the help of professionals. Moving straps, two furniture dollies, many huge pieces of plywood, and cleaning materials should be on your list. A moving dolly is available at nearly every Home Depot. Home improvement stores rent out dollies that can support up to 800 pounds.

Rent an appropriate moving truck

Make sure you have a moving truck that can support the hot tub before relocating it. You might need to rent a box truck that is at least 15 feet long and all of this depends on how big your hot tub is. For example, U-Haul claims that the interior dimensions of its 15-foot moving truck are 15′ x 7’8″ x 7’2″. Before you actually rent a moving truck, be careful when measuring your hot tub to make sure it will fit. A loading ramp must be included in your rental truck as well to make the relocation process easier.  For relocating your hot tub, there are a lot of truck rental companies to pick from.

a white volvo semi-truck on the side of the road
Make sure that you are renting a truck big enough to transport your hot tub

Disconnect your hot tub

Make sure to unplug your spa from the outlet before you drain the hot tub. It’s also very important to check that no cords are hanging from the hot tub and store them all. Put cords in waterproof baggies if you can, to keep them from getting wet while you’re moving.

Draining your hot tub

If you believe that emptying your hot tub’s water is all it takes to drain it, you need to think again. Sadly, using this approach could cause flooding and harm to your yard. You must stick to the manufacturer’s instructions in order to drain your hot tub properly.  It’s very likely that you’ll need to use a garden hose or pump to remove the water. The closest street gutter is probably the greatest location where you can pump away the water.  

Before moving, after draining your hot tub, you should give it a thorough cleaning. We advise cleaning it with an all-purpose cleaner to make sure your tub is properly cleaned and ready to go. Remember, if you find this too hard and are not sure if you can finish it, it’s never too late to check out some moving quotes Las Vegas and choose one that fits your budget best.

Think of the best route when moving a hot tub

Moving the hot tub is probably going to involve at least a few challenges because your old and new yards are probably not the same.  Whether it’s a small gate opening, a set of stairs, or a constrained pathway, you should create a plan on how to overcome these obstacles. Determine your exact plan for moving the hot tub as well. Which side of the house do you plan to use to carry it out – the front or the back? Plan ahead of time so that you know what the best location is for parking the moving truck on the actual moving day.

a hot tub on a patio
Make sure to give your hot tub a very good cleaning before the move

How to use furniture dollies to support your hot tub

You won’t need to turn the hot tub on its side to move it if the path to the moving truck is flat. The hot tub will need to be carefully turned on its side with the assistance of several people if the path is narrow. Slide a dolly underneath the front and back ends of your hot tub once it is ready to use. The hot tub should be securely positioned on the two dollies. Use movable straps to attach the hot tub to the dolly and prevent it from rolling away. All of your friends should be supporting the hot tub. In other words, you should place one person on each side, in the front, and at the back of the hot tub.

All that is left is to move your tub to the moving truck

Roll your hot tub gently in the direction of the moving truck after you have successfully attached it to the dollies. It might take more than four people to push it up the loading ramp of the truck. After that, be careful and secure the hot tub by having at least one person who will be helping from inside the truck. Keep your dollies in such a position that you can quickly unload the hot tub once you reach your destination and move it to its new spot. Don’t forget to attach the hot tub to the truck’s sidewalls as well. This will stop it from moving during the whole transportation process.

Do you still want to move the tub yourself, or do you want to reconsider hiring professionals?

However, hiring full service moving company Las Vegas can make the whole process a lot easier. For instance, you will need professionals when moving a hot tub. Firstly, due to the weight and size of the hot tub. Secondly, it is probably going to need a disassembly first. Now, you can do all of this on your own, but by doing so, you jeopardize your own well-being and the longevity of the hot tub. Solely for those two reasons, you should try and opt for a professional approach.

Why should you hire professionals when moving a hot tub?

There are many reasons why one should opt for a professional hot tub mover in any given scenario. Professional moving companies have a lot of experience with different types of relocation. Due to their experience, they will be able to provide their client with all the adequate equipment and approach. Moreover, they will know what tools they need to disassemble the hot tub and safely pack and transport it.

a hot tub in the backyard
Built-in hot tubs are difficult to disassemble and require a professional approach

For instance, hiring hot tub movers Las Vegas will allow you to not worry about the condition of your hot tub and focus on other things regarding the move. Nonetheless, we will, in the following list, shine a light on some of the things to look for in professionals when moving a hot tub:

  • See how long does the company do business
  • Check reviews of their services
  • See what perks they offer if you opt to hire them
  • Check with your friends and family for recommendations

Because relocating a hot tub is a delicate and complex process, you should do the research and see which company can do it the way you want it. Moreover, the longevity of your hot tub is important, so movers should have the right approach to the situation.

Having professionals when moving a hot tub lowers the chance of anything malfunctioning

Professionals who move things like hot tubs on a daily or weekly basis have a lot of experience in this field. Because of their experience and a proper approach to the situation you will lower the chances of anything breaking. Moreover, you will save yourself a lot of financial toll when you opt for a professional service. Going over the budget is usually not something most people want to do during relocation. Having a hot tub break or lose its function will impose even greater costs for you. Most importantly, the stress it can induce can cause issues for the whole relocation. So, having a professional approach to this situation is advisable.

Professionals will have all the tools they need to make it work

Another great advantage of having professionals when moving a hot tub is that they will have all the right tools for the job. As we said above, they have a lot of experience with these types of moves. Therefore, you can rest assured that everything will go according to plan.

different kinds of tools for moving a hot tub on a brown wooden surface
Disassembling pipelines and other parts of the hot tub can be a difficult challenge for those who do not have the experience

Of course, this is a much better solution than you trying to disassemble it yourself. Most importantly, due to the weight of the hot tub and the size of it, it is advisable that you leave it to professionals. Hurting yourself in the process or damaging the item will bring more stress and consume more time than usual.

They can help you feel calmer during the relocation process

Moving anxiety is something a lot of people deal with when moving. Firstly, being cluttered and overwhelmed by the whole situation can induce high levels of stress and anxiety. Secondly, it can help you mentally prepare for the road. By hiring professionals you will be able to focus on other things regarding the move. Also, knowing that someone with experience in handling these items is helping will soothe out the anxiety one might feel.

Professional moving companies can offer you insurance while moving a hot tub

Another great advantage of hiring professionals is that you have the option to sign an insurance policy for your items. By doing so, you will secure the items that are being moved. This is a much better solution than trying to move it yourself. If anything happens to the item during any phase of the move, you will be assured that it will not impose any financial toll.

Moreover, although you will be paying for the service of moving your hot tub, you can save money by not doing it yourself. If you do it yourself and break something, you will have to pay the price for that item. So, hire professionals, sign the insurance policy and freely focus on other parts of the move.

Professionals will meet all the requirements for a safe move

The best thing about hiring professionals in this scenario is that they will provide all the equipment and materials needed to finish the job. From the disassembly to protective materials and an adequate transportation vehicle. All of these steps are important to preserve the longevity of your item.

a person handing out documents
Insurance policies are a great way to secure the longevity of your items during relocation

With their experience, the movers will safely disassemble the item, pack it in protective material and cases and safely store them inside the vehicle. This way, you can rest assured that all of the items and parts remain intact during transport. Most importantly, they will arrive safely and in one piece.

You will have the option to rent a storage unit

Another service professional moving companies can offer you is renting a storage unit. Storage units are a great way to accommodate items that cannot be unloaded on a moving day. This is usually for items that are big and bulky. So, if you have a lot of items to move, and need space, renting a storage unit is the best solution for you. Having professionals when moving a hot tub will allow you to relax and focus on other things.

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