Office Relocation Checklist and Timeline

Office relocation requires a lot of effort. It can be a tiresome task that requires a lot of planning. There will be a lot of things to do during this process. You can try to remember everything but chances are you will miss out on something. What should you do then? How to keep everything in check and how can you avoid this problem? You can do it by making a checklist of course. This also includes a timeline of events you will follow during the move. This way, you will keep track of everything going on, without missing some critical parts of your office relocation. The Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas offer moving services that include office relocation and can help you with anything that goes along this process. We have made a checklist for you, to save you some time with your move. It should help you plan your office relocation checklist and make it easier. Check it out!

How to approach the office relocation checklist?

It may seem complex at first since there are so many things to consider. Don’t worry though. With the right approach and planning, it can be quite easy. The important things to consider are communication with the people you are working with and the required preparation. If you keep these things in mind at all times, you will be successful. The checklist we made for you is also a timeline of events happening throughout your office relocation. Let’s dig in.

Gathering the required information

This is the most vital part of your office relocation. Once you know everything you need to, there is no stopping you. A few things to consider are your budget, the layout of your future office space, and the utilities your business needs.

Let’s go over the budget first. You will need to hire office movers Las Vegas and their services. Consider the prices of these moving services. Pay attention to your equipment as well. Is there something in your office that requires a special way of moving? Some expensive equipment or something fragile maybe. Take this into consideration and inform your movers of such instances.

a man planning out his office relocation checklist
Making a list of tasks you should do before you move your office is an excellent idea

Make sure you are aware of the layout of your future office. Check if there is enough space for everything you will be moving. Confirm the positions of your things across the new place. If there is space for everything, then you are good to go.

The utilities your business will need depend on its size and type. You may need to hire additional services to handle these tasks for you. These utilities are often a problem during any move, so ensure that the new office space is ready for use even before you get there.

Informing everyone involved

Now that you have set the foundations for your move, it is time to let everyone know about it. You will need to inform your business partners, employees, and customers of your move. After you confirm your office’s new location with them, you should make the required arrangements with your movers.

an office
It will take some time to make your office relocation checklist so book the movers as early as possible

We suggest that you inform them of the number of things you will be moving so the movers can prepare accordingly. These are usually office elements such as tables and chairs but there might be some things that can’t be moved regularly. Contact the furniture movers Las Vegas before you start packing just so you know how to approach the next part of your office relocation. Or, to be more precise, the packing part.

Packing and the final preparation before the move

Making a list of all things in your office is the best thing you can do. Once you have made the list all you need to do is divide the items into groups. The things that will be stored in boxes and the things that require no boxes or just a different way of moving. Labeling all these boxes is a must. This way, you will know exactly where everything is stored. And for the other items not small enough to be packed this way, we suggest you contact local movers Las Vegas and inform yourself. State the number and the state of these items and the moving company will tell you what to do. Or, if you don’t want to bother will all of this, the movers can do all the work for you.

The final touches

When the moving day comes just stick to the plan. Constantly check if everything is going according to your checklist. The preparation part is done and now you only have to communicate everything properly. Seek help if you need it. Delegate the tasks if there are too many to handle yourself.

people doing handshakes all around
Good preparation is nothing without adequate communication. Ensure that everyone involved is informed of your plans

Make sure that the movers know where to put everything. Have in mind any additional costs that might come along the way. Check if the documentation is alright and if everyone knows their role in this endeavor. We already mentioned this once before, but your budget is one of the main things to look out for. Consider the movers Las Vegas cost and see if it matches your budget plan.

Settling in

After you have done all this it is time to settle in and start functioning again. If you read this checklist carefully then this will be an easy task for you. The Triple 7 Movers mainly operate on the territory of the state of Nevada and the cities within it. Take the laws and taxes of the state into your consideration since they can greatly influence the success of your business. Thanks for reading our article. And good luck with making your office relocation checklist!

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