Why Should You Avoid Moving Companies That Use Day Laborers?

Relocation is the road paved with dangerous that might don’t even cross your mind. Dangers that professional movers are very aware of and know how to avoid. However, the keyword in the last sentence is “professional.” That’s something that some companies are lacking. When you are setting aside money for hiring movers, you should get ones with plenty of experience and training. It is essential to avoid moving companies that use day laborers, and this guide will show you why that is crucial.

Accident Liability

Lawsuit - something you can avoid when you avoid moving companies that use day laborers
Why would you risk someone filing charges against you?

Any full-time employee in the moving company will be covered under the moving company’s insurance policies and licenses. On the other hand, a day laborer will likely be lacking such protection. That is extremely dangerous for you since you are liable for all the injuries that someone may suffer on your premises. Relocation is the process where one wrong step is separating moving amateurs from the trip to the hospital.

When a worker suffers an accident on your property, he can file a personal injury lawsuit against you, seeking payment for medical expenses and lost wages. In the case of the full-time employee, that can’t happen because his employer is providing him workers’ compensation insurance.

This means that moving company that use contract workers is directly putting you in the risk of the lawsuit. By doing that, they are directly endangering their reputation.
That’s precisely why even the most affordable movers Las Vegas has to offer won’t be using the day laborers.

Mistreatment of Your Items is Another Reason to Avoid Moving Companies That Use Day Laborers

Broken vase
Even if the moving company assumes liability for the full value of your goods, are you prepare to put your precious items in danger?

The most obvious reason to avoid moving companies that use day laborers is the safety of your things. Those workers aren’t professional movers. In most cases, they don’t even have a relation to the moving business whatsoever. More commonly, they are the strong college students eager to earn some money by heavy lifting. While the brute force is necessary for lifting a heavy object, the skills in handling them properly are more important.

The professional furniture movers Las Vegas will know precisely how to move different types of objects. Due to their vast experience, they will be able to determine which items need a more delicate touch. Movers with years of training will conduct your relocation efficiently, quickly and without causing any damages to your items.

That is something that day laborers are lacking. Most likely, they won’t have the experience or training to be aware of how to carefully treat your belongings. The risk of them damaging your items is much higher in this case. And safe transportation of your belongings is probably the main reason why you are hiring movers in the first place.

Improper Use of Equipment

Reliable, professional movers have training on how to properly use each piece of moving equipment. That allows them to move your items safely and much faster. Since day laborers usually don’t have any training or moving experience, they can easily cause damages due to improper handling of the moving equipment.

Moving Companies That Use Day Laborers Which Use Low-Quality Equipment Leads To:

  • Loss of time and breaking deadlines
  • Damages to your items and property
  • Accidents on your property and the risk of the lawsuit

Furthermore, there are specific protocols to ensure the wellbeing of your items. Like thoroughly cleaning the truck before and after each move. For professional movers, that is something that implies and its part of their daily work routine. On the other hand, a day laborer may skip these protocols or do them improperly due to its lack of training.

Slow and Inefficient Moving Service

Relocation is a stressful process which will cost you a lot of time and money. When you invest weeks in planning and preparing your move, you expect it to be done quickly and efficiently. The whole point of hiring movers is to make your relocation more enjoyable and more comfortable.
Moving day should go smoothly, and that will rarely be the case with day laborers on the job.

If you have specific timelines you’re trying to meet – you can toss them out of the window. The moving company that uses day laborers won’t meet your deadlines and time frame. Simply because its workers will lack experience and knowledge to do so.

You cannot expect from such a moving company to move efficiently and meet your timeline.

However, professional movers will have the necessary skill set to:

  • Determine which items should be loaded in the moving truck first and which one last
  • Use a proper technique of loading items so they can fit safely in the vehicle
  • Be able to move multiple items simultaneously
  • Ensure the secure loading of every item
  • Properly pack your fragile items along with other belongings
  • Follow all timeframes and deadlines set for the moving day

Conclusion – Avoid Moving Companies That Use Day Laborers

Trustworthy moving companies with spotless reputation won’t be using these workers. They will invest time and money to create perfect moving experts that will represent the company in the best light. Regardless of the industry, workers of the company are its face. If they are conducting unprofessional and provide lousy service, the company’s reputation will go down the hill. In a highly competitive moving market, good name and positive customer reviews are everything.

So the moving company that uses day laborers just doesn’t leave a good impression. It can be legit and have the valid FMCSA license, but it still seems kinda shady. While those moves aren’t necessarily fraudulent, it is clear that providing high-quality service isn’t their priority. In the moving business, customer satisfaction is crucial. It will guarantee good recommendations and reviews, which will boost the company’s reputation.

At the end of the day, if you want stress-free and smoothness relocation, you should avoid moving companies that use day laborers. That kind of company just isn’t capable of providing you the quality of service that you are expecting. And deserve, for that matter.

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