How to Spend the First Day in Your New Home

Each person is an individual to himself. We all want to spend the first day in our new home in a way that suits us best. Some people want to relax and enjoy their new home, while others don’t want to waste time and start working and decorating! What is your cup of tea? If you still don’t know, but you want to find out what activities you can do the first day in your new home, we have some suggestions and recommendations! There are some tips you should have in mind! And if you’re moving for the first time, and you need help, our team of movers Henderson NV offers some of the best services in Nevada! 

 first day in your new home
Meet new people after the move and celebrate a fresh start!

Turn on the utilities

When you arrive at your new home, your first task is to check whether all house utilities are up and running. This is the first thing you are going to need the first day in your new home Check the electricity, running water and gas. Find where is the electricity meter and water meter and record their readings, then keep those digits in a safe place. Don’t forget about it. It would be awful to find out that you don’t have electricity when you arrive. 

Spend the first day in your new home enjoying watching movies and ordering pizza with your family.

Inspect the home for any signs of trouble

If you didn’t visit your new home earlier, you should take the first day in your new home to inspect it for any signs of trouble. No matter if you do the last-minute moving or you arrive late to your new house, keep in mind that every home has its secrets. Go check room by room to see if everything seems normal. Check all windows and doors if they can be locked. You should examine all water lines and keep an eye out for worrying signs of damage like fire or floods. If you’re not experienced with relocation, get rid of stress and contact long-distance moving companies Las Vegas to relocate fast and easy! 

living room
The first day in your new home should be reserved for relaxing, but cleaning the kitchen and bathroom are mandatory things to do.

Take Time to Enjoy the First Day in Your New Home

Take some time to stop thinking about issues and what you have to do and enjoy your first day in a new home. If you’ve just arrived you must be very exhausted, physically and emotionally, hungry and stressed. Walk through your new home to see is everything like you imagined, and walk through yard if you own it. Enjoy with your family and take a photo on your very first day. You can order food and drink and make a movie night to remember! 

Unpack the Essentials Boxes

You are not going to spend the first day in your new home opening boxes, but you should unpack the essentials boxes!  Essentials boxes are named like that because they contain articles you are going to need first when you arrive at your new address. Essentials boxes contain home appliances like toiletries and items for personal hygiene, medications, clothes, kitchen appliances, and others. Beside, unpack all essential furniture! Unpack the bedding and make up the bed for sleeping. After that, you can unpack your toiletries and arrange them in the new bathroom. Take a shower and stay relaxed! 

white house with a driveway
To say it simply, enjoy your new house!

Meet the Neighbors

You may be shy, but the first day in your new home is the best to meet your neighbors! Even if you don’t, your neighbors may act friendly and pop up at your door! Be kind and introduce yourself. You can give them your contact information and get theirs in case you need some help. Your neighbors know your new neighborhood the best so they can warn you about some important things. Or give you some local restaurant recommendations! And in case you are not sure how to. Check our guide on how to meet new people after the move for some pro tips.

Establish an Internet Connection 

Well, most people have their own Internet on their smartphones but don’t forget to establish Internet in your new home. Not just because of fun, but because your security system may be wired to work on Wi-Fi if it uses cameras, which means you could need internet. Some digital doorbells use the Internet too, just like smart houses to turn on the lights or open garage doors. After that, you can set up your TV to watch some movies! Internet is just a utility, with that in mind. Make sure to learn how to transfer utilities when moving.

The First Day in Your New Home – Clean Up the Main Rooms

Yes, you should enjoy your first day in a new home, but how can you enjoy if everything is dirty? Moving is stressful and difficult which means you won’t have enough time and energy on the first day to clean thoroughly the new home right after you move into it. Of course, your home will be full of dust, after unboxing.

But, you should take a little time to clean the main spots in your homes. Like the kitchen and the bathroom. These are the most important rooms that your family is going to need the first day. And where hygiene is highly required. You should sanitize the bathroom, the toilet bowl and the area around it and of course areas in the kitchen.

Change the Locks

The first day in your new home should be for relaxing, but how can you be relaxed if you are not safe? A new home means a new neighborhood, and you still don’t know what people live there and how many strangers have keys to your new home. If you are not the first owner, consider how many previous owners are there. That is why you should immediately change the locks. If your door is missing a deadbolt, a locksmith can install a mobile one for around $150 and give you keys.

This is a good time to change all the locks or the main ones. Besides, if you have enough budget, check and install a home security system. If your house has it already you can activate it. If you don’t have it, you can call some company to install a security system that let you set the security alarm when you’re inside the home at night. You can choose strong security codes, one for your family and one for guests.

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