When should you start preparing for an interstate move?

There are few things in life that you want to put off. And preparing for an interstate move is definitely not one of them. But when should you start your preparation?

That’s what we here at Triple 7 Movers aim to answer for you. So let’s get right into it: when should you begin the preparation for your cross-state relocation?

The time to start preparing for an interstate move depends on you

The ultimate truth is that every move is different – not just the type of move, but each individual person’s relocation. Everyone deals with their own set of challenges and advantages, making each case unique in its own right. How many things do they need to pack? How much paperwork is ahead of them? Do they have the best cross country moving companies Las Vegas or other cities offer?

Variables like these will invariably affect how long your interstate moving prep work will take. Suffice it to say, though, that you’ll want to start as soon as you have the time for it. It could be a matter of weeks, or it could be a matter of months. But in the end, the best time to start preparing for an interstate move depends on your situation.

Now, we do realize that this isn’t all that great an answer on its own. You’ll definitely need more insight if you’re moving to Nevada or elsewhere. That’s why we offer you a sort of checklist for moving out of state to follow before preparing for your interstate move.

Get the right professional help

Tons of people about to embark on a cross-state move are adamant about going it alone. The rationale is that it’s cheaper that way than to pay professionals to do it for you. However, not only is that notion wildly inaccurate, but it can even be dangerous. The value of competent moving services cannot be understated.

For one, gunning it on your own comes with a line of hidden costs that will surpass even those of hiring affordable movers Las Vegas. Secondly, the pros will handle all of your belongings with the utmost care. You might do your best to do the same, but you’ll likely wind up breaking something (which only brings about more expenses).

Movers preparing for an interstate move
The pros know how to handle your fragile items

This especially applies if you’re older and need senior movers to help you out. You want only the best service you can afford, one that’s always mindful of your needs. As such, do research online to find the best company for you. Check out forums, social media pages, and review websites for the most accurate impression. That’s how to prepare for an interstate move: with the right help.

Make your preparing for an interstate move lighter

That’s a cryptic title, isn’t it? The point of it, however, is anything but. You want your relocation to take as little time as possible and involve the least amount of effort. And the amount of cargo you’ll be transporting weights in heavily to how smoothly your move will go.

So, make sure you carry as few things as possible. To that end, you’ll need to lighten your load by discarding everything you don’t absolutely have to bring along. You needn’t throw things away, though. Perhaps you could donate them in Las Vegas or give them to someone you know.

Calculate your costs

There are tons of expenses you need to account for before preparing for an interstate move. And you can rest assured that there’s more of them than you can keep track of without a little digital help. To that end, grab a calculator, something to write on, and accurately assess how much cash you’ll be spending.

Calculator, paper, and pen
Calculate all your expenses and put them on paper

Here’s a neat list of what to take into account when calculating your costs:

  • The distance your items will be traveling
  • The weight and size of your cargo after preparing for an interstate move
  • When you’ll be moving (peak season will cost you more)
  • Other moving services (packing, loading, etc.)

Gather the necessary packing supplies prior to preparing for an interstate move

The materials that you’ll use to pack your belongings can wind up costing you a fair bit if you don’t put enough thought into gathering them. Not only that, but getting them at a great price (or even for free) can be a pain if you put off the search. This is why those who know how to prepare for a long-distance move get their packing supplies beforehand and find a way to get them cheap.

The most cost-efficient method is to turn to your local shops. These can be grocery shops, liquor shops, pharmacies, hardware stores – whatever establishment is near to you (it doesn’t need to be close to you, but it helps). All you’ll need to do is ask if you can take some boxes and other packing supplies off their hands. You’ll be surprised at how many stores are downright itching to get rid of their extra packing materials. In fact, they’ll be so eager that, in all likelihood, they will give them away for free.

Sort out your paperwork

As far as governments are concerned, you’re basically made out of paper. And you’ll definitely need to carry this “paper you” along during your interstate move. However, this involves a ton of documents, and it’s incredibly easy to lose track of them. So, we compiled an interstate moving checklist of vital documents that you should have ready for your big move.

British driver licenses
Don’t forget about your driver’s licenses!
  • USPS change of address
  • IRS deduction form
  • School records
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Social security cards
  • Birth certificates
  • Passports
  • Credit cards
  • Bank account statements
  • Marriage certificates/divorce certificates
  • Military documents
  • Bank transaction statements
  • Income tax papers
  • Loan papers
  • Saving statements
  • Tax receipts
  • Tax deduction bills
  • Mortgage documents (both for your new home and your old residence)
  • Selling and buying agreements
  • Lease copies
  • Insurance policies for your property
  • Auto insurance cards
  • Registration documents of motor vehicles
  • Other property-related documents
  • Records of your and your family members’ vaccinations

Make sure all of these are accounted for before preparing for an interstate move – if you even have them, that is.

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