When is the Cheapest Time to Relocate?

Calculating the moving costs might be one of the most feared activities when it comes to the moving experience. Packing will take a lot of time; loading the truck requires a lot of effort, and traveling is a piece of cake. The trouble starts when you need to sit down, months before the move, and put everything on the paper. Even with the best movers Las Vegas, there are sometimes just too many variables that inform the cost. Some you can influence, and some you cannot. However, one of the biggest decision you will have to make is when you will move. The time of the relocation will dictate not only the cost of the move but how you prepare for the move itself. That is because moving in winter isn’t the same as moving in summer. So what is the cheapest time to relocate? Find out in this article!

What Season is the Cheapest Time to Relocate?

Perhaps the biggest decision when you need to make when it comes to the time of your move will be the season. That might also influence your move the most because the shift between seasons can be massive.

Summer in Nevada is not the cheapest time to relocate.
Nevada can get pretty hot in the summer.

Usually, people will move during the summer. That is because the weather is nice, their children don’t have school, and everything seems just less bleak than usual. And this usually is true. You will not have to deal with children transferring schools until fall. All you need to have for your movers are some cool refreshments. There are no slippery surfaces when you are moving your items, so the chances of injury are lower.

However, because of all these reasons, a lot of people will choose to move over summer. What this means is that the moving quotes Las Vegas you will get will be higher too. There are just so many people moving that the companies often don’t need to “chase” after customers – and have the upper hand in negotiating the costs.

That would then make winter the cheapest time to relocate. If you move during winter months, you can have the flexibility of choosing your moving date and negotiating the price. However, all those perks of the summer move will turn into disadvantages here. The winter in Nevada isn’t bad, but if you are moving to Las Vegas from somewhere more north, then the weather will be a big adversary to your moving experience. The roads can be icy, so you will need to drive safely! So, maybe the best bet would be to pick the spring and fall months.

Which Part of the Month is the Cheapest Time to Relocate?

Once you know the season which you will tackle, it’s time to think about the time of the month of your relocation. Again, there are a couple of things to consider here.

A calendar can help decide on the cheapest time to relocate.
Middle of the month is the best for your move.

First, you will want to try and evade the peek moving time – just like when picking the season. That is usually at the beginning or the end of each month. That’s when leases are up, so people decide to pack up their bags and leave. Because of that, the best case scenario for you is to move in the middle of the month. Who knows – you might even run into some apartment that offers free move-in rent during this time. Even more, you can negotiate for some benefits, since landlords are more willing to listen when there’s no one else banging at their door for the same apartment.

The other thing you need to worry about are the holidays. These can be many, and how many there are really depends on the time of year. Still, you will want to evade them – if for nothing else, then to try and evade any traffic. Usually, people will use days off to go home for the holidays, which can clog the roads in every state. For example – would you ever consider moving in the time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve? It sounds like an impossible mission – even when moving locally!

Should You Move on the Weekend?

Traffic rush.
Traffic can be your enemy on the weekends.

Then it comes the question of whether or not moving on the weekend is the best idea. Usually, this is where you have free time. That’s when you will want to move because otherwise, you will be taking time off work to move your stuff. However, you are not the only one thinking this.

Weekends are usually the most popular days of the week in which people move. That makes them far from the cheapest time to relocate. Instead, try taking a few days off work mid-week. You might be losing some money there, but you will be gaining it in the long run, by saving it on the move. What’s more, gas prices can often fluctuate during the week, making them the cheapest on the weekend. That only serves to increase the price of your move!

Of course, during commercial moves, this choice can only get more comfortable! You will probably want to move when the company doesn’t work, but consider how much you will save and lose in the long run first!

Can You Move in the Early Morning?

And then it comes the time to pick what part of the day to move in. There isn’t really the cheapest time to relocate here, but there is a thing to note. Professional movers will always advise you to move in the early mornings. This way, you are evading the rush hour. What’s more, you will be in your home while it’s still daylight outside – and you can get ready for the new start fresh tomorrow!

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