What you need to know about moving insurance

Moving is a time in life when a lot of unexpected things can happen. Knowing that something unplanned can occur will always keep you on your toes, making it impossible to relax. This is one of the reasons why moving is so stressful, but people still do it every day. To keep this uncertainty at bay, moving insurance was created. It helps the people involved in the move feel at ease, knowing that their moving inventory is safe. By hiring our North Las Vegas movers you will make a great step towards safety, but it won’t hurt to learn what you need to know about moving insurance.

What is moving insurance?

Insurance is something that is often talked about, and many people think of it as an unnecessary expense. It is a precautionary measure, and if nothing happens, you could have done things without having insurance. But who can guarantee you that everything will be alright? This is what moving insurance is also about – it is an insurance plan that you can get, that is specially designed for people moving inventories. One part of the mover’s Las Vegas cost will be due to insurance, but this is just basic coverage. If you want to take maximum advantage of insurance, then this is what you need to know about moving insurance:

  • The basic types of insurance that exist
  • Whether homeowner’s insurance will cover the move
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There are various types of moving insurance

Types of Insurance

There are a few basic types of insurance that you can get when moving with long distance moving companies Las Vegas. Some of the most frequently used ones are:

  1. Released value coverage – this might be the cheapest option since it is free, but you won’t get much money if your items get damaged or lost. The moving company is only liable to pay you 60 cents per pound of the item. This might be a good option if you move heavy furniture, but even like that, 60 cents is not much.
  2. Full value protection – this option must be offered by interstate movers, but it is not mandatory and it costs extra. Your company of choice must refund your items based on their current value. It is better than the previous option, but you might like the deal that you get.
  3. The third-party moving insurance – if you have a large number of items or expensive items, you might want to reach out to a separate insurance company. This way you will get the item’s full value back, and you can even insure items that are not inside the moving truck.

Can you count on homeowner’s insurance?

While homeowner’s insurance covers your home and the items in it, it doesn’t protect them while they are in transit. So, when moving with some residential moving companies Las Vegas, you should opt for getting insurance outside of your homeowner’s insurance.

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One of the things you need to know about moving insurance is that you can’t count on homeowners insurance

A final thought on what you need to know about moving insurance

The most important thing that you need to know about moving insurance is that it is always better to have it rather than not. When you are already spending thousands of dollars on your move, what are an additional few hundred dollars? It is always better to be safe than sorry, so use the best packing supplies for your most fragile items.

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