What’s the correct protocol for tipping your movers?

Tipping culture varies greatly between countries. In some tipping is very uncommon, while in others it is even expected. Even though tipping is usually used in the hospitality industry, every single working person will appreciate a tip. Today’s economy is tough, and the recent price surges didn’t help the whole situation. A small tip from every customer will make a whole lot of difference for the person offering the services. So, if you wonder whether it’s appropriate to tip your Las Vegas moving help providers – the answer is yes! But what is the correct protocol for tipping your movers? Let’s see.

What does a tip mean to service providers?

Apart from the obvious, financial help, a tip is also a way for the customer to show their gratefulness. Moving is very stressful, and if our apartment movers Las Vegas helped you make it even just a little less stressful, a tip is a great way to say thank you. If you want to do it, but don’t know how, there is no philosophy behind this – doing it in any way is better than not doing it at all! But the correct protocol for tipping your movers includes:

  • Tipping more for challenging moving scenarios
  • Giving a tip at the end of your move
Picture of a person carrying boxes and thinking about the correct protocol for tipping your movers
Even if you don’t follow the correct protocol for tipping your movers, they will be grateful for the tip

Tipping more in certain scenarios

Moving is very unpredictable, and our cheap movers Las Vegas have to complete their job no matter the circumstances. If you expected your move to happen during a beautiful sunny day but ended up moving during rain or even snow, would you like to receive a tip for your job? Or would you like to be rewarded for carrying heavy objects up and down stairs, or for maneuvering them through tight hallways? In case you notice that your movers are taking longer to finish than estimated, but they are putting in heavy work to finish and even stay overtime, a tip is required.

Give a tip at the end of the move

No matter the industry that we talk about, the tip is usually part of the final bill. So even when moving, you should keep your tip for the part when you are supposed to pay. Giving a tip, in the beginning, might motivate amateurs to work better, but our team will work with dedicated motivation, no matter the circumstances. If you are looking for movers near me that will do their job the way it is supposed to be done, our team might be the answer to all your moving problems.

How much do people usually tip movers?

Tipping is a situation when it is safe to follow the rule of thumb. Like any other tip that you would give, a good guideline to follow is 10% of the total bill. If you will spend $2,000 on your move, you should tip around $200 – evenly separated between the members of the team that helped you move. Another way to do this is by typing $4 to $5 per hour per mover – which will turn out to be a similar amount to the first method.

Picture of a person following the correct protocol for tipping your movers
People usually tip 10% of the total bill

Conclusion on the correct protocol for tipping your movers

The correct protocol for tipping your movers doesn’t require you to follow everything step by step. There are different kinds of people, and some don’t even consider tipping their movers. No matter how good of a job they did! So even by thinking about a tip, you are on the right track. No matter how much you tip your professional packers, they will appreciate it and continue doing a good job!

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