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The most difficult things in your home to move

Whether you are moving long distance and looking for movers Las Vegas to Los Angeles or you’re just moving across the town, there will be some items that you need to move out of but are quite difficult. That’s why we’ve prepared an article on the most difficult things in your home to move so keep reading to find out more.

Pianos are the most difficult thing in your home to move

Pianos are heavy, large, and weird to move. And they have a lot of small moving parts inside that can easily break. They’re very cumbersome for moving and lots of folks tend to leave them behind instead of moving. However, if you want to move your piano, it’s certainly possible. But the job will be quite risky and it will require a lot of helpers. You won’t potentially just damage the piano, but the stairways, doorways, hallways, and your back! So if you have a piano that needs to be moved, the best thing is to look for moving quotes Las Vegas and have professionals move it for you.

piano - one of the most difficult things in your home to move
Make sure to hire professionals to move your piano!

Grandfather clocks will need to be disassembled by a professional before the move

Grandfather clocks have so many parts and pieces inside of them. You will also need to disassemble the clock before moving it while wearing special gloves. It’s highly not advised to touch the clock with bare hands. Disassembly and reassembly are both tasks in themselves. Even though it might be easy for an expert to prepare a grandfather clock for moving, the amount of required time can disrupt your other moving tasks.

You will need to be careful when moving fish tanks to your home

Fish tanks are heavy and large. But careful preparation will ensure that your fish survives the relocation and enjoys their new home. So before you leave the old home, take out the water from the tanks. Move the fish into smaller bags or containers using your tank water. Transport the fish in your personal vehicle! Keep the bags and containers stable and secure as much as you can to reduce injury and stress. Pack and wrap the fish tanks carefully. Even empty tanks can be heavy so make sure to hire Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas or get help from friends and family. After you arrive at your new home, clean and set up the aquarium right away.

Fine art will require extra precautions and care

Art holds a lot of value meaning it’s expensive or you are sentimentally attached to it. Even though some artwork is framed, other pieces can be bulky, have an odd shape, or are very fragile. This can make it challenging to move so it’s a good idea to find movers near me who are experienced in handling valuable items. But if you decide to move it yourself, here is how. Wrap and secure framed artwork using cushioning and cardboard and place it inside a box. When it comes to unframed artwork, also wrap it and secure it with cushioning, however, make sure to store it inside a reinforced box to prevent any damage!

painting on the wall among the most difficult things in your home to move
Fine art will take a lot of precaution and careful planning making it one of the most difficult things to move in your home.

Final words on the most difficult things in your home to move

There are certain items in our homes that are quite difficult. And that’s why it’s a good idea to hire professionals who have the experience and equipment in handling them safely. By taking necessary precautions and hiring professional movers, you can ensure that the most difficult things in your home will be moved safely.

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