What to Wear on Moving Day

Moving day is one of the most stressful events in our life. Despite the great help from movers near you, we’re a bundle of nerves on that day more often than not. That’s a mistake. However, we seem to be prone to making it. Has it ever occurred to you clothes might have to do something with it? At first, it doesn’t seem to be related in any way. Once you dig deeper, you realize it’s vital. Our clothes can dictate how we feel. Take an itchy sweater, for instance. You need to carry heavy boxes, and all you want is to take it off because it makes you uncomfortable. So, what to wear on moving day? Here are a few suggestions.

 Opt for Breathable Materials

What to wear on moving day is one of the most time-consuming decisions you can make
Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to wear on moving day

Moving day is beyond hectic. You’re running around lifting boxes and unpacking. Also, you seem to forget things, so you always need to go back to the truck and grab it. Then, you get inside and take it to the room where it belongs. Let’s say there are stairs both inside and outside the house.

The last thing you need is clothes made of artificial materials making you sweat during a long-distance move from Las Vegas. It increases body temperature. Some claim it’s an excellent weight-loss method. Maybe it is, just not on moving day. There’s plenty of cardio exercises involved in relocating. But the clothes made of non-natural materials makes you easily irritable. So, forget about synthetic clothing. Do not wear clothes made of

  • nylon
  • acrylic
  • polyester
  • microfiber

Use cotton or linen fabric instead. That way, your skin can breathe thanks to natural materials.

Chose Close-Fitting Pieces of Clothes

Safety is all-important when moving. There’s always a risk of moving injuries. Therefore, you need to do your best to prevent them from happening. Luckily, you can foresee the majority of them. If you’re moving in winter, you know icy staircase is an accident waiting to happen. Hence, you will continue with the relocation of your home, with the utmost care of expert residential movers Las Vegas.

However, one of the most underestimated moving injuries is the one caused by the inappropriate clothes. Sometimes people neglect this completely and wear wide clothes because it’s comfortable. That is dangerous because items may end up getting caught in it. Consequently, you will fall or trip. That’s why it’s important to wear close-fitting garments on moving day. Better safe than sorry, right? Make sure you’ve buttoned your clothes before leaving the house. Also, check all the zippers. A good rule of thumb is to tuck it in just in case.

Do not Wear Branded or New Clothes

How to know what to wear on moving day?
Casual clothes are what to wear on moving day

As far as the footwear is concerned, wearing snickers is your best bet. Your feet are in a regular position, unlike when you’re wearing heels. As a result, you might be of assistance to the reputable movers you’ve hired such as movers Mesquite NV.

Furthermore, moving requires a lot of sweating and running. Occasionally, you’ll tear a shirt, or you might stain your blouse accidentally along the way. Relocating a garage is particularly tricky. You’re hence ill-advised to wear the garments you’ve just bought. Odds are you’ll ruin it in a blink of the eye.

In turn, wear clothes you don’t wear to work. In other words, the ones that are casual, comfortable, and close-fitting. Forget wearing fashionable clothes on moving day. It’s not a fashion show. You can not do physically challenging activities wearing a lacey blouse.

Keep in Mind the Clothes Should be Flexible

If you’re going to pack and unpack while moving locally or cross-country, you need to wear adequate clothes. First of all, the clothes shouldn’t limit your movements. Relocating requires a lot of stretching and bending. Naturally, you should wear clothes which allow you to move freely. Tight jeans are inadequate. Skirts that are far too short are insufficient as well. Needless to say, you have to be decent.

Also, dresses are out of the question. Basically, wear what you would put on when you’re going running or to the gym. Trousers, mid-size t-shirts, and sports blouses will do the trick. If possible, wear clothes with many pockets where you can keep your essentials. A cell phone, wallet, a car or house key, headphones, you name it. Just be wary not to lose any of those items.

Your Clothes Should Match the Season

Deciding what to wear on moving day is daunting.
What to wear on moving day should be focused on multi-layered clothes

Putting too many pieces of clothes on might not be advisable if it’s too hot outside. Your body must breathe, and by doing that you’re stopping it from breathing. You should put several layers of clothes in winter. Correspondingly, you can take a layer off every now and then. Just don’t do that if you’re sweaty and it’s freezing cold outside. The temperature shock is terrible for your immune system.

Have Another Set of Clothes at Hand

Changing clothes is important whenever physical activity is involved. For this reason, pack the essential box containing spare clothes when moving your office. That way, you’ll always be fresh. Taking a shower when moving is not always possible even though it might come in handy. But you can change at any time. Or you can avoid having to go through the entire effort and hire professional commercial movers NV.


What to wear on moving day? That is a million-dollar question. It goes without saying you need to wear appropriate clothes. What does it mean? Well, they should be light, made of natural materials rather than the artificial ones.

Additionally, your garments need to be casual, thus letting you move. Elegant clothes are a no go. Relocating is simply not the right opportunity to show off. Also, make sure your garments match the season. Health does come first.

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