Can You Make Moving Enjoyable?

Let us start by saying that movings, in general, are mostly stressful and unpredictable. That is a well-known fact. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving across town or the country. You have to pack, anyways. And packing often ends up with you crying on the floor, surrounded with a hundred boxes, overwhelmed. But, that doesn’t have to be the case with your next relocation with reliable movers Las Vegas. Because we’ve found ways to make moving enjoyable for you, but also your family members. You can turn this life experience into an amazing adventure. Just follow our lead.

Label Your Boxes

The first step when it comes to moving is labeling. Start by giving each room in the house its symbol and color. For example, your kitchen can be a red circle, your bathroom a blue triangle, etc. Then, mark every item and box with that particular symbol by writing directly on boxes with colored markers. When you move to another home, it’ll be so easy for movers Boulder City NV to unpack the moving van. After you arrive at your new home, your kids can use the boxes to build a fort. That will surely be such a fun experience for your youngsters.

Make moving enjoyable by using good material.
Make sure to use quality boxes. Label them to make moving more enjoyable.

Make Moving Enjoyable by Creating a Packing and Unpacking Checklist

As music is such an important part of our lives, we recommend you to include music in your moving experience. As silly as it sounds, music will inspire you to manage a stress-free relocation. There is some psychological effect which music that you made especially for this occasion has on you. So, there are two steps that you have to follow.

  • Create a packing playlist: Focus on peppy dance music which will keep you motivated and make moving enjoyable the whole time.
  • Create an unpacking playlist: Chose songs that are relaxing and that will calm you after the storm called relocation. Although, this playlist has to have some pow in every song, to keep you going.

Consider Getting Smaller Boxes

Packing supplies have such an important role in your safe and efficient relocation, especially when it comes to boxes. To make your relocation enjoyable, we recommend you to go with smaller boxes. There are so many reasons for this claim. First, you don’t have to tape them together, as they are easily manageable and small. Then, it is quicker to pack and unpack small boxes. And finally, carrying smaller boxes is so much easier on the carriers because they can move them around without a problem.

Use Moving Applications to Make Moving Enjoyable and Fun.

Use the possibilities that the Internet offers you. Moving applications will help you organize and track every single item you’ve put in a moving box. You can also take a polaroid of some items from the box and pin them to it. This will help you when you need to find something quickly. Also, these applications have search engines, so you can search for your items and easily find their location.

Use mobile apps.
Modern technology can make moving fun and easy to manage.

Map Out Your Home

In our opinion, this is the cornerstone of your move. Since you are paying the movers by the hour, you have to make the relocation shorter. The idea of a floor plan saves not only time but money. Don’t worry if you are not exactly a brilliant artist. The floor plan doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Just a basic sketch of each room will be good enough. Never the less, try finding reliable movers who will respect and follow your floor plan.

Mapping Out is Great Fun For Children

If you have to move with your kids, include them in making a floor plan. Let them pick the position of the furniture in their room. Giving children a little bit of control on a moving day can make a positive atmosphere among them.

Including childer in relocation process.
You can make moving enjoyable for your kids. Add some color to your relocation.

Great Food Makes Moving Enjoyable For Everyone Involved

There’s no doubt that amazing food can lift spirits. That’s why you should incorporate a great menu into your relocation process. Think ahead about what kind of food you want to have on moving day. Then, when the break time comes, you can make a picnic and have fun. You should consider getting some snacks and drinks for you, the local movers Nevada, and your family members. This way, everybody will refresh with a drink or two, and carry on with the relocation.

Great food is important for a successful relocation.
After all, try to have some fun during the relocation.

Make Moving Entertaining by Following our Tips for Easy & Fun Packing

Before you start packing, think about all the opportunities to make your packing and relocation easier. Here are our favorite tips to make your moving enjoyable.

  • Instead of taking your clothes out of the dressers and drawers, leave them there. Experienced movers can wrap your furniture and ensure that drawers don’t move.
  • Also, if you have clothes that are hanging on hangers in your closet, leave them. You can easily move your clothes by yourself and take them right into your new closet. This will minimize your work for sure.
  • Leave your kitchen tools in drawer organizers and pack them up that way. So, when you come to your new home, you can take them out of the box and put them back easily.


The most important thing is to be positive while moving. Although moving day can be scary and stressful, it is also the first day of your new exciting life. Don’t forget to sing, laugh and joke. All this will surely make moving enjoyable for all the participants. Have fun!

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