What to do on the day of your international move?

All the anticipation is finally over, and the day of your international move is finally here. All the obligations, stress, and tasks that lead to it will finally get their closure, and you will be sipping that cozy drink in your new place in no time. However, although your NV movers have it all covered, there are still some things you yourself need to take care of on this magical day. And, we will see what those things are in the following few lines.

Rise and shine! Early, if you will

While you have probably had more sleepless nights during your moving period than you would like to admit, your moving day requires you to get up early. We know, and we are utterly sorry this is the case, but, after all, this is Moving Day. As such, it is by definition the busiest and most important day of this whole relocation process. So, you want to be up early, but also be fresh and rested. You want to have plenty of time before out of state movers Las Vegas arrive.

A rich breakfast on a white table
Nothing sets you up for a long day ahead like a good breakfast.

As you have plenty of obligations still ahead of you, you will need a lot of energy and plenty of stamina to see this day through. With that in mind, it would be best that you go to bed as early as possible the night before, and try to get your good nights sleep. Once you are awake, treat yourself with a quality breakfast and your morning cup of coffee. Get yourself in a positive mode, as your big international moving adventure is about to begin!

Pack what’s left

After the breakfast and morning shower are over, put on the clothes you separated for the day, and pack everything else that is still out of the boxes. These would include your sheets, blankets, pillows, and the nightwear you slept in. Don’t forget those toiletries you use in the morning, as well as kitchen items you needed for breakfast. See that all your boxes are tightly sealed and properly labeled. You want them to have those ‘fragile’ markings, where necessary, as well as any special handling instructions.

A good thing to do at this point is to ensure that all the items you will need immediately upon arrival are easy to reach. We like to call this the essentials box. In it you will find all the essentials (duh), you need for the first few days after you’ve moved in.

An open white box on a white table in a white room
An essentials box is a must when you are having an international move.

Don’t forget about safety

While your professional moving team will be there to take care of all the heavy loading, it is still important that you yourself take the necessary precautionary measures to avoid injuries and accidents during the hectic moving activities. You want to make it safe and easy for your moving crew to take your belongings to the moving truck safely. Here is what you can and ought to do on the day of your international move:

  • Reserve a convenient parking space for the moving vehicle. You want it to be as close to the entrance of your place as it can be
  • Clear the pathways from any obstacles. See that there is no debris, fallen leaves, snow, ice mud, and any other potential hazard between the front door and the moving truck. This will include any potted plants, shoes, even boxes.
  • Try your best to ensure there is enough free space for the movers to maneuver your items around. Especially if they will move any bulky items, hot tubs, pianos, or safes.

In order to do your part in protecting your property from damage, it would be best that you:

  • Cover your floors with protective materials, and roll and move your carpets.
  • Wrap your banisters with blankets, old clothes, or any other protective material.
  • Protect the door frames using foam paddings
  • Don’t forget to use corner guards wherever they are necessary.
A couple packing a box for the move
Ensure proper protection to yourself, your belongings, and your property.

Protect yourself by dressing appropriately for the occasion. Even though you are moving to another state, and possibly to another climate, you still have a long way to go. If you are moving to Hawaii, you can change into your flowery shirt on the airport, but, for now, see that you are:

  • Minding the weather at your current home, and dress accordingly.
  • Wearing long-sleeved and long-legged clothing that allows you to move freely. Still, avoid loose, baggy clothes as they can get caught on something, leading to some accident.
  • Go for comfortable, sturdy shoes that have good ankle support and anti-slip soles.

Check, double check, and then triple check

This is an international move we are speaking of, and not your local relocation. So, this means that you will have to be extra careful not to forget anything, as the ride back home will cost you time, money, and plenty of nerves. So, once all of your goods have been taken out and loaded onto the moving truck, see that you do a final walkthrough your old place. Make sure there is nothing left behind. Go room by room, check all the closets, cabinets, shelves, and holes in the walls. Don’t forget your garage, attic, basement, and the secret hallway.

Look in the crawl space, under the stairs and in any other place where something may be hiding from your eyes. If you are leaving any piece of furniture behind, check all its parts to see nothing is left anywhere. You want to do this check on the day of your international move, but before the movers leave. After all, you don’t want to find anything as your spouse is waving your movers goodbye.

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