Should you supervise your hot tub movers?

No move is simple, and that is just why we hire professional assistance. We all want to be spared the stress of worrying about whether things are done the right way. So, when hiring hot tub movers Las Vegas has to offer, you want to know that you made the right choice. However, since you are wondering whether you ought to supervise your hot tub movers, chances are you are not sure of their expertise. Either that or your movers consist of your best and strongest friends. Whatever the case may be, it is best that you familiarize yourself with the proper process of moving a hot tub, for starters. If the movers abide by it, you have nothing to worry about. So, let’s see how you ought to go about your assessment.

A couple enjoying in a hot tub.
Sure, hot tubs are great, until you have to move them.

How the process of moving a hot tub ought to look like?

All professional LV movers who offer this service know the procedure down to the very last detail. However, we are under the impression that you are not sure you are dealing with experts, and thus doubt has found its way to your mind. Here is how the process needs to look like.

Disconnecting and draining the hot tub

Prior to draining any water out, the hot tub has to be unplugged from its electrical socket. The movers will make sure to have put all of the cords away. Having anything dangling during transport is bad news. They will place all the electrical cords in sealed waterproof bags, so as to prevent them from getting wet during any part of the relocation process. Upon doing so, they will start draining the hot tub. Not, this is by no means an easy process. You cannot just dump out the water as it can damage your garden or flood the place. The process takes time and requires professional tools for pumping the water out in drains or gutter. After the draining is over, it is smart to clean the hot tub thoroughly.

The tools and equipment necessary for the process

Professionals will arrive complete with moving straps, furniture dollies, and a few pieces of plywood. All of these allow for easier transportation of an object as heavy and bulky as a hot tub. And, speaking of its size, the moving company that handles this task needs to have a truck of appropriate size. Now, having that you hired people who offer the service of hot tub relocations, they simply have to have this vehicle.

A man leaning on a dolly
A dolly is essential when it comes to transportations of items this size.

The moving itself

What is great about hiring professional assistance is that they do all the planning and coordinate the action in a way that ensures safety not only for the item that is transported but also for the surroundings. So, if your hot tub is squeezed into a tight spot in the corner of your garden, they will know just how to address this issue. And, not only will they get your tub out, but they will also spare the flowers and other plants any damage.

After getting it out, they will know just how to transport it to the moving truck in the safest and quickest way. If you find that the movers you hired spared no time on planning, that might be a red flag right there. They need to have all the tools that will ensure they are able to pick up and move the tub safely. And just as well, they need to know how to plan for this complex endeavor.

Deciding whether you should supervise your hot tub movers

As you can see, this process has quite the steps to it. That is why taking care of itself is possible, but still unadvisable. Having at least 3 strong friends to help you out can be a good start. And, if you cannot afford professionals, you will have to supervise your hot tub movers that are made up of your friends. After all, no one is an expert in this process. Here are a few things you need to know:

  • Hot tubs usually weigh around 900 pounds while empty. When filled with water, they can way up to 6,000 pounds!
  • Professional movers usually charge $350-400 for hot tub transportation.
  • You will have to set up the tub afterward if you go down the DIY route. This can be a challenge if you don’t have the user manual at hand.

How to know the movers are trustworthy?

Now, if you are ready to pay the price, you should really see to it that the movers you hire are indeed reliable. The way you ensure this is the case is by first checking how long they have been in business. The greater the experience, the greater the chances movers know their business. Still, that is not to say you should not check their reviews. The way to ensure their comments are to be trusted is by finding at least one that is bad. No joke. No one is perfect, and we all have bad days. However, there ought to be more recommendations than unsatisfied customers.

A woman looking for reviews on her laptop
The better the company, the lesser the need to supervise your hot tub movers.

In order to avoid having to supervise your hot tub movers, you have to ensure your company is legit. So, make sure to do your research, and know the process yourself. When it comes to the action itself, you also know how it ought to go. All this means that you are ready to take care of the move yourself and that you can supervise your movers, should you feel the need to.


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