What to check before signing a moving contract

Relocation is never easy. You have to plan and prepare the entire move. This is also the time when you need to decide if you are going to hire Triple 7 movers or not. Hiring a moving company certainly has many benefits. However, to find reliable movers might not be so easy as it sounds. For this reason, take a look at everything you should check before signing a moving contract. By looking at the moving contract, you can check if a moving company is reliable or not. It is in your best interest to avoid hiring fraudulent movers.  

glasses on the piece of paper - before signing a moving contract
Make sure to read and understand your moving contract

General information regarding the moving contract 

Since you need to move your entire household across the country, you cannot give your valuable furniture to anyone. You need to sign a contract that will vouch for the safety of your items. Defining a moving contract is quite simple. It is a legally binding document between your moving company and you. It should include all the responsibilities and rights of a moving company and its customers. Additionally, your movers are legally bound to offer you a moving contract. Even if it is not required by the law, you should still ask to sign a moving contract with cross country moving companies Las Vegas. A moving contract acts as a proof if you need to file a complaint. It also prevents hidden fees and holds the company accountable for damage. For all these reasons, make sure to ask for one before you let movers take your items.  

Information to find before signing a moving contract 

As mentioned, a moving contract should contain all rights and responsibilities of movers and their customers. In other words, look for the following information.  

  • Company’s information and contact 
  • Your personal info and contact details 
  • Your current address 
  • New address 
  • Scheduled date and time for the pickup 
  • Delivery date 
  • Services offered 
  • Insurance used 
  • Method of payment, as well as, the final cost 
  • Dispute resolution 

Do not sign a contract that is half empty. Do not trust movers when they say “we will make final agreement later”. There is no later. Agree on everything before you sign a contract. Movers can easily add some services, thus your final cost will be much higher than planned. This is what fraudulent movers usually do with their clients. For this reason, make sure everything is filled out and then sign it.   

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Reach a deal with your movers before you sign anything

Check credentials and license 

Checking just a moving contract is not enough. You have to run a background check on the moving company as well. First things first, check their credentials and license. If you are planning to move long-distance, then you need to hire interstate movers. This type of moving company has a license issued by the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Association. You can ask movers to give you a US DOT number. Then, you can check this number in the FMSCA online database. On the other hand, if a moving company only offers intrastate moving services, they do not need to have this number. However, they need to have another type of license issued by their state. Lastly, check a moving company’s track record on the official website of the BBB. Reliable moving companies will provide this type of information without any problems.  

Pay attention to their online presence before signing a moving contract 

Having an online presence is extremely important in this digital age. If they want to attract customers, moving companies must have a website. You can check if a moving company is reliable or not based on their website. A moving company’s website should be easy to navigate, list their services, introduce their stuff, show their contact details, etc. Incomplete websites can be a sign of bad management. For this reason, visit movers’ official website before signing a moving contract. In addition to this, you should read moving reviews. Nowadays, people like to leave reviews of restaurants, cafes, museums, and even for moving companies. Moving reviews are a good way to see what previous customers think about moving services provided. If reviews are mostly negative, then do not hire those movers. However, do not expect flawless company because people value different things.  

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Check the online presence of your potential moving company

Moving quotes 

When you are searching for a moving company, it is necessary to choose three to five potential candidates. Then, it is time to contact each company. Ask for moving quotes. What is a moving quote? It is an estimate of your moving costs. Most moving companies offer free online moving quotes. This is a good start. However, it would be better if movers can do an in-house estimate. This means movers will visit your house, see the items you want to move, and make an estimation. You can choose between a binding and non-binding moving estimate. As the names suggest, the first estimate will ensure that the moving costs will not change while the second estimate will change depending on the final estimation. It is safer if you choose a binding estimate as your final moving cost will remain the same 

Check services offered before signing a moving contract 

Every move is different. Some people will move locally, while others will move long-distance. In addition to this, some people need to move a piano while others an aquarium. This all requires different moving services. For this reason, check with your movers if they are offering moving services you need. Some moving companies specialize in local moving while others in interstate relocation. In addition to this, decide if you want to use their packing services or not. This will cost you more. If you will let movers pack your items, see who should gather packing supplies. It can be more affordable to get packing supplies on your own. Lastly, think about disassembling your heavy and large furniture. Again, this will count as additional moving services. Work out all these details with your movers before signing a moving contract.  

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