Tips for dealing with fraudulent moving companies

There is not a single person that can easily relocate on his own. This is why most people decide to hire professional help while moving. These trained professionals can ensure your relocation goes smoothly. But what happens if the movers do not want to do the work you paid them for? What happens if you get some of your stuff stolen? These situations are not that common, but they can happen. There are ways of dealing with fraudulent moving companies that can help you if this happens. This article will show you exactly that, so you can avoid and take care of moving scams.

The best way of dealing with fraudulent moving companies-  prevention

When you hire movers, you need to make sure they are reliable. If they are not, they might scam you. Therefore the best way of dealing with fraudulent moving companies is avoiding the movers that show red flags. The first red flag you might notice is if the movers change location often. If this is the case, it is a good idea to look for other movers and avoid a moving scam. You should also be suspicious about extremely low prices. Yes, saving money is important while you move. But if you get your things stolen or the movers do not do their job at all, you will ruin your relocation. Not all cheap movers are bad, but if you compare the price with their competitors and the things seem too good to be true, that’s because most likely they are.

Prevention is the best way of dealing with fraudulent movers

Ask a lot of questions

Doing research on your movers and getting informed about the company is extremely important if you want to avoid moving fraud. Ask as many questions as you can. If they avoid questions about licenses, this is a huge red flag. If the movers do not have a license, nothing ensures the quality of the services they provide. When the movers accept every proposition you make without thinking, it is also a big red flag. This is a business so if you make an unreasonable suggestion, they need to say no. If the movers promise something impossible like a one-day arrival of your things for a long-distance move, they might want to scam you. Watch out for the things that seem too good to be true.

It is important to ask many question so you can check if they are reliable

Compare moving companies and get estimates

There is another way to avoid moving fraud and that is by comparing moving prices. If the movers offer prices that are just too low, it might be a scam. If the movers ask for a large upfront cash payment, you should be wary. They can take your money and go away. Get moving estimates from a few companies. This way you will easily compare moving prices. If a company offers over the phone estimate only, you should be wary too. These are not accurate at all. Movers that want to give you the most precise moving estimate will come to your home.

Lying alert
If the movers offer a price that seems too good to be true do not trust them

Reading and writing moving reviews

Many people think that moving reviews are useless. These people are very wrong. First, it extremely important that you read the moving reviews before you hire LV movers. This way you will be able to see if other customers got scammed by the company. If a company has an overwhelming amount of bad reviews, something is wrong. Avoid such companies and you will avoid moving fraud. If you notice something is wrong after you hired movers, you may want to write a bad moving review. If the company is legitimate and they just made a simple mistake, they will quickly fix it. Reliable companies do not want their good reputation to be tarnished by bad reviews, so this is a good way to see if you got scammed.

Contact the FMSCA when dealing with fraudulent moving companies

If you were scammed, there is a first step you need to take so you can start dealing with fraudulent moving companies. This is writing a complaint to FMSCA. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will handle the scammers for you. If a company has too many complaints, this government agency will go after them. The sooner you write the complaint the sooner they will notice the problem.

a calculator and a mouse
Contacting the authorities is the best way of dealing with fraudulent movers

Contact the Better Business Bureau

FMSCA is not the only government agency that can help you if you get scammed by movers. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau. This agency can arbitrate the case of moving fraud. They will most likely help you take care of the situation. This complaint will not only help you. You will also help other people that look for movers Boulder City NV. These complaints are public for all to see. This means people will avoid this moving company. Visit their site and file a complaint.  This will ensure you get out of the situation without losing too much time or money.

Many movers will make your relocation extremely easy. But this does not mean you should not be careful since scammers exist, they are not common but they exist. If you know how to find them and you know about ways of dealing with fraudulent moving companies, you will know how to take care of yourself. Watch out for the opportunities that look too good to be true. If all goes wrong and you fall for a scam contact the authorities.

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