What seniors love about Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that is globally known for entertainment. In 2019 for example, 42.5 million tourists visited the city. Even though so tourist-friendly, Vegas is a mid-sized city with 635,000 residents. Surprisingly, over 15% of the population are seniors, people aged 65+. Now you are thinking, what can seniors love about Vegas? The city is always advertised as an entertainment hub that never sleeps. Elderly people want peace, so what could they like about living in the Sin City? Apart from the smooth relocation with our moving company North Las Vegas that got them there, there are plenty of things that can benefit seniors in this part of Nevada.

If you are wondering what seniors love about Vegas, you choose a good article to read

Las Vegas is a city in Clark County, Nevada. It has seen a steady population increase of 0.89% annually, mostly thanks to the reputable moving services Las Vegas providers in the area, resulting in a population density of 4,651 people per square mile. This results in a dense suburban feeling, that many families and young professionals love about the city. Contrary to popular belief, many people decide to make Vegas a permanent home, so 54% of the population owns a home here. As expected, the community is liberal, thanks to the many young people that are part of it. So, how is there any possibility of something what seniors love about Vegas? You would be surprised. Same as people from other age groups, seniors enjoy the:

  • Affordable housing prices
  • Mild weather
  • Fact that there is no state income tax
  • Traffic situation
  • Outdoor recreation opportunities
  • Frequent visitors
Picture of a woman making a heart gesture with her hands showing what seniors love about Vegas
The residents of Las Vegas love living in this city

Affordable housing

This seems unbelievable for a city like Las Vegas. Every place that is famous among tourists will end up with high housing costs at some point. But that is not the case here. Even though the median home value is higher than the national average of $245,000, it is still not as much as you would expect. The price will depend on the area, but the average value is $302,000. Rent per month is also close to the national average, $1,200. The Ridges is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods, while Lone Mountain Village is one of the most affordable ones. Las Vegas has something for everyone, so wherever you decide to move, some household movers Las Vegas will get you there. Our movers know the area well, so you will able to enjoy a smooth, trouble-free relocation.

Mild weather

If you move to Las Vegas from a city that gets cold winters, the joy of a mild climate will not be lost on you. With a semi-arid climate, you will be able to enjoy even the winter. The temperature rarely drops below 26 degrees Fahrenheit, and if it does, it is only during the night. Even though winters are mostly dry, they tend to get windy. What seniors love about Vegas might be moderate winters, but the summer temperatures can get extreme with a temperature high of 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

No state income tax

Taxes are expenses that everyone has to pay, but no one likes doing them. Nevada is known as a tax-friendly state, especially for seniors. If it is a tax that you are worried about, look no more and hire our senior movers today! Nevada has no state income tax, but it still has property taxes and state sales tax. The first one is relatively low, while the sales tax is higher than the average.

Picture of a white tax sign on top of dollar bills is what seniors love about Vegas
Seniors love the fact that they do not have to pay tax in Nevada

Traffic is not bad

No matter if you plan to drive in Las Vegas or not, no one like traffic jams. Since you are looking at the city from the perspective of a senior, you won’t be in a stressful rush to get to work anymore. Those days are over, and you may have looked forward to this. Las Vegas is the right place to enjoy this period of life, for various reasons. The public transportation system is very good, so you won’t even need a car. If you do own a car, you will only need to pay $33 for registering it with DMV. Nevada is one of the states where car registration is cheap, compared to North Dakota and Montana for example, which are both over $200.

Outdoor recreation options is what seniors love about Vegas

Being a senior and retired, you likely have free time on your hands. This is the perfect opportunity to go back to your hobbies, which might even be hiking, or simply connecting with nature. Las Vegas will be great for you in that case. You will have opportunities to spend time outside both in the city and in surrounding areas. The residents get to enjoy numerous hiking trails, all of different intensity levels. For beginners, we recommend the Lone Mountain Loop Trail and the Pine Creek Canyon Trail. For those who want a challenge – Ice Box Canyon Trail and Calico Tanks Trail. And for the most physically able people, we recommend the Guardian Angel Pass.

Frequent visitors

Everybody wants to visit Las Vegas at least once, and those that do, want to come back. If you have someone living there, you will always have an excuse to return. For your family, you will be the reason they come to the Entertainment Capital of the World. Seniors are famous for wanting to downsize after retiring and even moving to a whole new state. This might give them the much-needed change of scenery, but they will be far away from their family. This will only make them feel even lonelier, but that won’t is your case if you live in this part of Nevada. So start getting those moving quotes Las Vegas now for a full house of guests year-round!

Picture of a woman greeting guests and being friendly is what seniors love about Vegas
The thing what seniors love about Vegas are the frequent visitors they get

What seniors love about Vegas – everybody does!

Vegas is so much more than the entertainment that it’s famous for today. It started as a small railroad town in 1905 with only 800 residents, and look where it got today. Many people love living here, of all ages, but you won’t know this as a fact until you give it a try. The senior age might not be the best time to be moving around, but moving is all about the new adventure ahead. And enjoy everything that Sin City has to offer, because what seniors love about Vegas – everybody does!

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