How to organize your kid’s new bedroom

Considering the fact that kids need a lot of things like toys, books, clothes, and such, it’s only logical that it easily gets messy. No matter how many times you clean their bedroom – they turn everything upside down in a blink of an eye. That’s why parents often look for better solutions that will make organizing their kid’s bedroom easier. You may feel overwhelmed without knowing where to start, but Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas are here to show you how to organize your kid’s new bedroom in no time.

Start with things that they no longer use when organizing your kid’s new bedroom

This might be the most obvious step when organizing your kid’s bedroom, but people often forget about it. How else are you going to start fresh if you don’t throw away the old stuff? Therefore, start by throwing all the trash away and stuff your kid doesn’t use anymore. Some of these include stuff like old toys, school papers they don’t need, or anything that’s not reusable. 

After you are done with this, you’ll have a pile of old things. What you want to do with them is see what can be donated and what needs to be thrown into the trash. Now you have a clean space you can work with!

a woman sorting out thrash and putting it into a bin and trying to organize your kid's new bedroom
When organizing your kid’s bedroom, you first need to throw away thing they no longer use

Sort out the clothes

The biggest issue with organizing children’s bedrooms is clothes. It often happens that you keep your child’s old clothes they stopped using long ago. These clothes usually get mixed up with those your kid is still wearing. Therefore, it’s very easy to forget about them. 

You can do these in different sections, or just do everything at once. To make the process easier, our apartment movers Las Vegas suggest you should make three piles of clothes:

  • What your child is currently wearing – these are the clothes you are going to keep. Set these aside where you can easily find them so you can store them in the kid’s closet later.
  • Things you are going to donate – getting rid of the clothes your child doesn’t wear anymore doesn’t necessarily mean you need to throw them away. You can donate the clothes that your child doesn’t like anymore or something that no longer fits them. This way, you’ll clear up the space while helping someone else.
  • Clothes that can’t be reused – this pile is the one that goes straight to the trash. It should contain clothes that are ripped or destroyed. You can choose some things that have emotional value, but make it only a few things.

Organize the toys

Now, you can move on to organizing your kid’s toys. Depending on how many your child has, it may take a while. This is something you should do together with your little one. If you teach them how to sort their toys on their own, they will learn how to clean the room by themselves later on. It means they’ll also learn to take better care of their belongings and let go of the things that are broken. The toys you should keep are those who have some kind of emotional value for your kid.

two girls playing with wooden toys while you are wondering how to organize your kid's new bedroom
Make sure to organize the toys together with your kid

Books and papers

As your child learn a lot while growing up, it usually results in having a lot of books and school-related papers. They pile up very easily and things that are important often get mixed up with old books, just like with clothes. 

According to moving services Las Vegas, you should put all of the books in one place and see if you can put all of them on the shelves. While trying to organize your kid’s new bedroom, you’ll probably find books your kid no longer likes or needs. So instead of trying to keep them all, you can give some away. After that, if you barely have space to store them all, don’t bring any new ones until you figure out how to store them. It’s a good thing to do so you can avoid the same scenario you are trying to solve from happening again. 

As for the papers, these can include both school papers and drawings. Throw away all of the old school papers, but be careful with drawings. Ask your child what they want to keep for themselves and maybe hang your favorites on the fridge. 

Check the space under the bed

Most of us are prone to piling things up under the bed when we don’t need them anymore. However, once you put them under the bed, you forget they even exist. Out of sight out of mind, right? Low cost movers Las Vegas remind you to make sure to check what’s under your kid’s bed and throw away everything that’s unnecessary. If there are things your kid still needs, you can put them back, but put a reminder for yourself where you stored them. 

Clean the whole room

Cleaning the whole room is something you can’t go without while trying to organize your kid’s new bedroom. While this is something that you often do, cleaning an empty bedroom is much easier. After putting everything away, make sure that you thoroughly clean all the surfaces and vacuum once you’re done. This will make it easier for you to reach the spots you normally can’t because other things get in the way.

a person cleaning the table, which is something you have to do when you want to organize your kid's new bedroom
Clean the whole bedroom before putting everything back

Make new options for storage

Now that you have a clear picture of how much stuff you are going to keep, think of making more space for certain things. Make a list of everything that you want to store. This will make it easier for you to create a plan. If you ended up throwing away a lot of clothes but not many books – buy a few more bookshelves. Think about where you are going to put them so they don’t get in the way. Make sure there is still enough space for your kids to play. 

Rearrange furniture while trying to organize your kid’s new bedroom

You can’t completely organize your kid’s new bedroom without moving some furniture. Now that you have more space after cleaning the whole bedroom, you might be able to rearrange it. Furniture movers Las Vegas advise you to think about some different layouts now that you have a clean space to work with. Ask your kids if there is anything they want to change about their room to improve the overall comfort. 


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