What brings good luck when moving into a new home?

In every situation, whether you believe in superstitions or not, a little more luck is always nice. This is particularly true in stressful, tough, and overwhelming activities such as relocation. After all, who wouldn’t want to relocate safely and smoothly and bring some good fortune with them? Indeed, moving is such a significant and life-changing event that there are countless customs and superstitions surrounding the process of relocating. And the majority of those customs revolve around bringing good fortune to the new residence. There are several moving-in rituals and charms that are supposed to bring good fortune to the household, ward off evil spirits, and eliminate negative energy from the place. Continue reading to learn what brings good luck when moving into a new home and how to ward against evil.

An elephant figurine thought to bring good luck when moving into a new home
Elephants are the most commonly good luck charm that can be found in houses throughout the world.

6 things that bring good luck when moving into a new home

From burning sage and dropping coins on the floor to bringing bread and salt into your new house for the first time, you may experiment with a variety of various solutions aimed to infuse your home with happiness, harmony, and positive energy. In every culture and society, there are specific artifacts thought to possess the ability to provide happiness and guard against evil. These good luck charms originate in folklore, mythology, or religion and have a long and illustrious history associated with their origin and the culture from where they originated. Feel free to contact moving companies Las Vegas should you need any help with your move. The following are some of the most common good luck objects for a new home worldwide.

1. Elephants

In many cultures, elephants are seen as a symbol of strength, stability, loyalty, and wisdom. Elephant decorations, elephant-shaped cushions or pottery, elephant paintings and tapestries, and other artifacts of similar nature are often believed to bring good fortune, protection, and riches to their owners. If you decide to bring an elephant figurine with you to your new house, place it in front of the front entrance with its trunk pointed upward. Many homes in Las Vegas feature elephants in the hallways. So if you are moving to Las Vegas, make sure to get your hands on one.

2. Goldfish

Good health, wealth, and prosperity are all associated with fish, according to folklore. Installing an aquarium or a fish statue in your new home can bring good luck and riches to the entire family. With goldfishes, of course. As their color represents good luck, fame, and money.  If you already own an aquarium or some other bulky items, you can make use of our specialized moving services Las Vegas to help you with that.

3. Fruit

It is thought that having a bowl of fruits in the home promotes good health, attracts riches, and spreads pleasant energy. Apples are connected with peace, grapes with abundance, pomegranates with fertility, and peaches with immortality. Along with other fruits, it is recommended to keep nine oranges in a room to fend against bad luck;

4. Horseshoe

People say that hanging a horseshoe over the entrance brings good fortune to the home.  The iron wards off bad spirits and the number of nails (7) used to secure the horseshoe is auspicious. You may either hang the horseshoe pointed upward to ensure that the good fortune never runs out or downward. To ensure that good fortune falls on everyone who goes beneath it.

5. Dream catchers

In addition to capturing nightmares and evil spirits, dream catchers also bestow good fortune and provide joyful dreams. Therefore boosting the happiness and well-being of those who dwell in the home. Dream catchers are still trending on Tumblr, Instagram, and other social media. So, many people are buying simply for aesthetics.

a dream catcher
Dream catchers are not only thought to catch negative emotions but they are also considered to bring good luck when moving into a new home.

6. Crystals

Crystals, which are well-known for their therapeutic properties, have the potential to fill a space with positive energy. They provide happiness, money, and good fortune, as well as stress relief and the stimulation of creativity and attentiveness. They are also becoming extremely popular on social media. Especially Tik Tok. The number of people who are getting into crystals and astrology these days is unbelievable.

How to ward off evil spirits?

Knowing what to carry when moving into a new house may not be enough to assure good fortune. You should also be familiar with certain time-honored rituals that are thought to bring good luck when moving into a new home. These are the essentials.

  • Before you move into your new house, allow a cat to cross the threshold.
  • Ring a bell. The ringing of bells dispels negative energy and attracts good fortune. So make sure to ring a bell to bring good luck when moving into a new home.
  • Exit via the same door you entered. When you initially move into your new house, enter through the main door and then exit through the same door the first time you need to leave. Or else you’ll have terrible luck.
  • On the first night at your new house, light a candle. Lighting a candle is a potent house blessing rite. The flame will absorb any negative energy from the place, purify it, and guard it against evil. The burning candle provides illumination, brightens your new home and life, and dispels darkness. Thus, driving away any bad spirits hiding in the corners of your new abode.

          You may also want to try:

  • Smudging your home with sage. Smudging a residence with dried sage is a common practice for dispelling bad energy and safeguarding it from evil spirits. The smoke from the burning sage must reach every corner of each room in order to eliminate any collected bad energy. When doing a sage smudging ritual, mirrors and windows should be covered and gadgets turned off.
sage in a pot
Sage and crystals are the most commonly used items for cleansing negative energy.
  • Burning incense. Similar to burning sage, burning incense assists in cleansing the home of negative energy. As the smoke clears, negativity follows.
  • Sprinkling salt on door thresholds and window sills. Salt is supposed to have the ability to repel bad spirits and keep a home secure from black magic.
  • Scattering coins or rice grains on the floor. Scatter coins or rice grains about your home to ensure wealth and good fortune throughout your stay.

To make these superstitions for bringing luck when moving into a new home work, you must first ensure a successful relocation. Only after all of your belongings have been safely delivered to your new location and everything has gone smoothly and without incident can you consider blessing your new home and bringing good fortune to your new life. You can get moving quotes Las Vegas here to ensure that you move with a trusted company and that everything goes smoothly. Best of luck with your relocation!

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