How to find movers in a small town

Preparing a move in a small town has its benefits. However, finding the right moving company might be a problem due to limited options. For this reason, bigger cities like Las Vegas have a slight advantage over smaller towns as LV has many different Vegas moving companies. This way, as you have more options, you can choose a moving company based on service, estimate, moving date, etc. However, there are good moving companies in smaller towns. For this reason, here are the tips to find movers in a small town.  

What are the tips to find movers in a small town?  

The only difference between finding movers in a big town and a small one is the number of available moving companies. You will probably have a limited choice of moving companies in your small town. Finding the right moving company in a smaller town has its pros and cons. The con is obviously the very limited choice. Usually, there will be two or three moving companies in a smaller town. However, if you live in a really small town, you might only have one moving company available. Luckily, that’s rarely a situation. The best way to find safe movers Las Vegas is by the following.

  • Recommendations
  • Reference  
  • Estimate  
  • Check License and Insurance  

A recommendation is the best way to find a good moving company  

Usually, everyone knows everyone and everything in a small city. Additionally, if you don’t know something, you can easily find someone for help. For this reason, you probably already know about moving companies in your town. Also, you probably heard who is doing a good job and who is not so great. However, if you are not familiar with Summerlin movers, you can then ask for recommendations from your family or friends. This is the safest way to find reliable movers for your relocation.  

three women looking at the phone
Ask for recommendations when finding movers in a small town

Moving estimate can help you find movers in a small town

You should always ask for a moving estimate before you hire senior movers or any other moving company. For this reason, you should ask for moving estimates from at least three different moving companies. As you live in a small city, you can ask for an estimate from all the moving companies in your town and choose the best one.  

The moving company must be properly licensed and insured  

Every interstate moving company must have a U.S. DOT number issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. However, local movers don’t have to have this number as they are licensed by the states they work in. But, you can check FMCSA’s contacts database to find your local moving companies in the list of local agencies.  

woman smiling
Visit the database to check on your moving company

You can hire a moving company from a bigger town near you  

As you can see, there are ways to find movers in a small town. However, if you can’t find a moving company, you can always look for them in the nearest bigger town. It’s important to find a reliable moving company that is good at their job and has a nice reputation. 

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