Ways to store your book collection properly

Reading and collecting books is great if you’re lucky to have a personal library at home. But what about those bookworms that don’t have that luxury? Packing and storing books properly is really important. If you’re lazy to clean the dust and keep them safe, you can only lose them. If you are moving soon and bringing your collection with you, follow our tips to store your book collection properly. And if you need some professional help with relocating book collection, hire Cross country moving companies Las Vegas.

Mind the dust before you store your book collection

Don’t store dusty books in new baskets. The right way to store your book collection is to dust it first. Use a soft paintbrush or cloth and remove any dust and dirt from books. Make sure they are dry and avoid using wet cloth or spray. Moving your collection soon? Moving companies Henderson NV can help you relocate it safely to your new home.

a girl reading books
Take care of your beloved book collection and remove the dust before packing them.

Pest-proof the space for storing books

Pests and moths are the biggest danger for your book collection. So, before you store your book collection, pest-proof that space. First, clean the dust. Then, check for insect eggs between pages and the binding. Don’t use bug spray or any spray at all, because it’ll destroy the paper. Make sure there is no humidity or food traces, because that attracts pests. If you consider renting a storage unit for your book collection, you must know how to pest-proof your storage unit.

ants as book lovers
Whatever space you choose, don’t forget to pest-proof it before you store your book collection.

Find the best packing materials to store your book collection

To store your book collection properly, you need to find the best packing materials. Let’s see some great materials you can use to store books after moving:

  • wall shelves
  • plastic bins
  • antique suitcases
  • wicker baskets
  • under-bed storage space
  • climate-controlled storage unit

Moving book collection isn’t easy when it comes to last-minute relocation. We recommend to explore how to pack your belongings for storage in a day

book in a basket
Plastic bins, quality baskets and antique suitcases are great for storing books under the bed.

Use plastic bins

Get quality plastic bins to store your books because they are durable and pest-proof. Place books in a plastic bin and seal it. Polyurethane tubs can protect your books from pests, sunlight, humidity, and rodents. You can easily place them underneath bed or under stairs. There are various sizes to choose from, depending on the number of books.

Rent a climate-controlled storage unit

If you’re moving or renovating your home, renting a climate-controlled storage unit is the best way to store book collection properly. Storage unit like this will keep your books safe from pests, bacteria, mold, fungi, sunlight, and fire.

storage units
Find the best climate-controlled storage unit to keep your books safe from pests and humidity when moving

Bookshelves under stairs

If you’re a book lover, there are great ways to build a book collection on a budget. But there are also tips for building under-stairs storage for books on a budget. Remove the dust and place books on shelves and between the posts under-stairs. If you have enough space you can place plush pillows and blankets there, too, and create a cozy atmosphere for reading.

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