Ways to Avoid Unwanted Moving Expenses

One of the first things we think about before moving is moving costs. Since relocation represents a significant impact on a family’s budget, people usually search for ways to reduce moving costs. That is why the Internet is full of DIY relocation tips for cutting the cost of moving. But what you need to know is that DIY tips can often lead to extra expenses. If you don’t have the experience and the right equipment, please don’t think about a DIY relocation. This way, you won’t be able to avoid unwanted moving expenses. Save your money by hiring a professional moving company. Affordable movers Las Vegas are there to safely relocate your belongings if you’re about to move to Nevada. But before you move, let’s see how you can avoid extra moving costs!

avoid unwanted moving expenses
Make sure you read all the details from your contract before you sign it.

Prepare Your Budget for Moving Costs

Let’s be honest. Moving without any budget is not possible. One of the first things you need to prepare before moving is moving budget. That doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on relocation. There are many ways to save money and prepare a budget for moving costs. The moving costs include hiring professional movers, renting moving truck, packing supplies, moving insurance, housing fees, plane tickets and other. Make a list with all possible costs and consider the time of moving, moving services and the weight of your belongings. Of course, hiring professional movers are going to be your biggest cost, but you can save a few bucks by finding affordable movers.

a picture representing home insurance
Moving insurance will protect your household in case of loss or damage.

Avoid a Last-Minute Relocation

Avoid last-minute relocation, and you’ll avoid unwanted moving expenses. It’s simple. Unexpected moving expenses, extra fees, additional charges, and hidden costs are usually referred to as a last-minute relocation. By hiring a professional moving company for last-minute relocation, you won’t save money. If there is no careful planning, just waiting for the last minute to hire movers, unexpected moving costs will appear. You will have to pay more for last-minute moving services, and also packing, lifting and loading services. All this because you won’t have enough time to weigh your shipment and that will result in extra costs.

movers relocate the household
Professional movers have long experience and the necessary equipment.

Choose the Right Time to Move

Creating a proper moving checklist is the best way to avoid unwanted moving expenses. Did you think that the season you move doesn’t matter? If so, you are wrong. Some seasons are much cheaper for moving. Moving during the summer and spring months is the most expensive period. If you avoid this part of the year, you can save a considerable amount of money. During these months, movers raise the prices of their services. 80% of moves in the U.S. occur between April and September, and this is referred to as peak season. Also, moving companies and truck rental companies often charge higher prices for moves during weekends. If you want to avoid more costs, make sure you avoid rush-hour traffic to decrease fuel costs and stress.

moving boxes
Avoid unwanted moving expenses by getting free moving boxes at local stores.

Avoid Unwanted Moving Expenses by Hiring an Affordable Moving Company

As much as hiring a professional moving company is the highest cost of your relocation, this can also be your life savior. Hiring affordable moving company you can even save your money. Professional movers have long experience, skills, and proper equipment to relocate your things safely. Imagine trying to relocate your piano by yourself? Besides being fragile, it’s a costly and valuable thing. If you damage it, it could cost you triple the size of hiring all moving services together. Hire movers ahead of time and make sure you have found an affordable and reliable company. Don’t hire unlicensed movers or day laborers. And don’t forget to check and read feedbacks from other users on the Internet. The best movers Las Vegas have the best offers for you if you’re looking for a reliable moving company to relocate your household.

Get Free Moving Boxes

Why paying for moving boxes when you can get free? Why paying for the boxes for last-minute relocation when you can take time and find free moving boxes? Just take a look at the statistics. You will have to spend between $35 and $50 on moving boxes for relocating one studio apartment. For relocating 1-bedroom apartment, you’d have to spend from $61 to $85 and not to mention larger houses. Moving supplies are not cheap, save money by finding free boxes. First, check your basement, attic, or garage to see if you have some boxes. Then, you can check the local store or bookstore and ask for free boxes. Maybe your friends and neighbors have some, too. Be resourceful.

Use Packing Materials From Your Home

Don’t put yourself in the situation to avoid reading the details from your contract and being surprised when movers charge you extra for packing materials! Movers charge by the hour per mover, and one mover can cost you $25-$50 per hour, which means you could pay $400 for packing services! Besides quality packing materials on average for a one-bedroom home will cost you about $100-$150, while you’d have to pay $150-$200 for a two-bedroom home.

You can avoid unwanted moving expenses by using packing materials from your home. Instead of buying boxes, bubble wrapping, fancy protection for fragile items, you can use free boxes, old towels, and clothes, newspapers, magazines, socks, trash bags, sandwich bags, etc. Just make sure you ask moving company if you’re allowed to pack the household. Sometimes you can use the moving insurance if you don’t let movers do the packing.

Pick the Right Moving Insurance

Want to avoid unwanted moving expenses? Pick the right moving insurance! Don’t be scared to ask. A professional moving company is required to offer you moving insurance. According to law, they must provide motor vehicle coverage and property damage liability coverage. The law also provides for a limitation on the release of the mover’s liability for the value of a shipper’s goods at a rate not less than 60 cents per pound, per article. That’s the basic moving insurance every reliable company will offer to you. If you want more protection for your expensive items, you can choose full value protection. When you file a claim under complete value protection, your movers have three options for fulfilling a claim.

Don’t Sign a Blank Contract

The great way to avoid unwanted moving expenses before you even start a relocation is to avoid signing a blank contract. Before you sign anything, you should know your mover must supply an estimate and contract, in writing. The contract must be signed by both parties and include the necessary information of moving company such as name, address, telephone number, and state registration number. It should also include your information, date of the contract, delivery address, and name of the shipper. You should read all the details before you sign a contract, and see if there are extra fees for packing services or unexpected situations.

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