Avoid Injuries While Moving Like a Pro

When you’re moving house, there are a lot of things to get done. You need to declutter, clean, pack, carry boxes and deal with the movers. But, you don’t only have lots of tasks to think about. You should also be mindful of your safety. Moving can be a hazard. There are many different ways in which you could hurt yourself while moving house. No wonder so many people tend to look for moving companies Las Vegas – they want to make life easier for themselves. Hiring the pros is just one of the ways to avoid injuries while moving. Here are some other tips.

Pack Carefully to Avoid Injuries While Moving

One of the first and most important steps in the moving process is packing. However, you can’t just take some boxes and start mindlessly throwing things inside. You need to be organized to a certain extent and think about what you’re doing. Keep in mind that you’ll have to carry all of those boxes later and unpack them. If you pack poorly, you might end up getting hurt. Especially if you’re older and you require senior movers to help you. So, here are some packing tips to prevent injuries while moving.

Stop Yourself From Overpacking

We are all guilty of putting way too many things into a bag or, in this case, a box. It happens, we get carried away because we see that there’s enough room. But, when you’re moving and packing lots of heavy items, you should pay attention. Cardboard boxes aren’t exactly the sturdiest, so there’s a chance of them breaking from the weight.

Apart from that, you can hurt yourself while lifting boxes that are too heavy. Don’t risk throwing your back out. Try to pack up to 50 pounds into a small box, up to 65 into a medium box and around 70 pounds into large boxes. Don’t overdo it. This is the first way to avoid getting injured while moving.

 How to Pack Sharp Objects

Knives and other sharp objects can always be dangerous. But, when you’re moving you should be extra careful with them. Not only can they hurt you, but they can also damage your other belongings if you don’t pack them properly.

  • Categorize your sharp objects. Group your knives by size and sharpness. Put scissors, staplers, screwdrivers and forks into appropriate categories.
  • Make sure to wrap all of your sharp objects to avoid injuries while relocating. You can use tape, bubble pack and packing paper. Wrap everything up with paper and secure it with tape. If you want, you can also use different fabrics for wrapping sharp objects. Use towels, cloths or old shirts to prevent any damages. Line the box with bubble pack and you’re good to go.
  • Get a box of the appropriate size. Boxes that are too big simply won’t work. Find boxes that don’t allow the knives to move inside of it.

    Four knives and four forks
    Categorize sharp objects and wrap them properly before packing them.

Be Careful When Lifting Boxes

Everybody knows that lifting a heavy box the wrong way can be detrimental to your back. And the last thing you need when you’re moving is back pain. So, here are some things to keep in mind when you’re lifting boxes.

  • Don’t bend at the waist, bend at the knees.
  • Keep your legs apart.
  • Hold the box close to your body.
  • Don’t twist your body.
  • Lift with the legs, not the back to avoid back injuries when moving.
  • Pick the box up slowly, there’s no rush.
  • Leave the furniture to furniture movers, don’t do it on your own unless you have to.
  • Don’t try to lift more than you can.

    A man carrying three boxes. Lift the boxes properly to avoid injuries while moving.
    To avoid pain and hurt while moving, you need to be careful when lifting heavy boxes.

Do your best to follow these simple rules for lifting to protect yourself. There’s no need to risk getting injured while moving if you can avoid it.

Wear Appropriate Clothes to Avoid Injuries While Moving

It might not seem like it, but the outfit you wear on moving day is actually pretty important. There are clothes and shoes you want to avoid on a day like this. You’re probably focusing on something else when moving to Nevada, but if you wear the wrong thing, you’re risking getting hurt. So, don’t underestimate the power of a good outfit even when moving.

  • Keep it simple and comfortable. Don’t go overboard on accessories or fancy clothes. There’s no need for that.
  • Choose clothes that are practical and that allow you to move freely. For example, pants that are too long aren’t the best choice – you can trip on them! Shirts that have extremely wide or long sleeves are most likely going to be a nuisance. So, think before you wear.
  • Stay away from new pieces – you don’t want to ruin them during the move.
  • Go for comfortable, natural materials that are pleasant to wear.
  • A very important thing to think about if you want to avoid getting hurt during the relocation is your shoe choice. It’s best to go for sneakers or some other form of comfortable, flat shoes. Flip flops, slippers, heels and uncomfortable shoes are things you should avoid.

Eat Well and Drink Plenty of Water

Food and water might be the last thing on your mind, but that’s not smart. Hunger and dehydration can be very dangerous even on a regular day, let alone on a stressful day like this. Don’t take this lightly. You need to have a good breakfast before you start lifting boxes, and keep drinking water throughout the day. Try to eat healthy while moving to keep your body healthy and happy. Only drinking coffee won’t do. Don’t forget to take breaks for snacks and lunch. Something you definitely don’t need on moving day is fainting. So, to be ready for this tiring day and to avoid injuries on moving day, fuel your body. 

Avocado toast with eggs.
Remember to eat well and stay hydrated on moving day. Don’t skip any meals.

Now that you know some key things you should do to avoid injuries while moving, you’re ready to take the day on. You should always take care of yourself, even on moving day.

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