Uncommon but useful moving day tips to make your move easier

Moving is a laborious endeavor. It takes weeks and sometimes even months to plan. And no matter how good you plan or how religiously you stick to your schedule, there’s so much that can go wrong. The only way to fight back against small hiccups is to prepare for the unexpected. Moving is rarely a streamlined process. However, the best way to ensure that moving is as smooth as possible is to hire one of many expert movers in Las Vegas NV prides itself in and to be one step ahead at all times. Hiring great moving assistance today is easier than ever, but you should also read up on moving and prepare in advance. Here are some uncommon but useful moving day tips and tricks you don’t hear about every day that can be useful during relocation.

A stressed man laying on a bed.
Moving day can be very stressful!

Uncommon but useful moving day tips can be a lifesaver

When moving it’s easy to get stuck in what we already know. Hire movers, purchase supplies, bubble wrap fragile items before packing… These moving rules are all well-known. However, there’s much more to moving than just basic run-of-the-mill tips. You can make moving so much easier on yourself by digging a little deeper into moving advice. Here are the absolute basics that can save you so much time, money, and nerves, that are, unfortunately, just not talked about enough.

Make a visual timeline

Planning and scheduling are half the work when it comes to moving. However, people are prone to overestimate how much they can manage in a certain amount of time. For example, you might think it’s possible to pack in a day because it seems simple. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. And if you waited until the very last moment to pack you’d be in trouble. That being the case, people are prone to procrastinating hard when it comes to moving. That, though, can be solved by a visual timeline. That way you’ll be able to visualize the time you have and tasks that need to be completed. By having a more realistic idea of what needs to be done in what amount of time, you’ll be less likely to put it off.

Create a moving day checklist

Moving day can get very hectic. Because of that, it’s easy to forget to do things. Even if you’re the best at remembering tasks and chores you’re very likely to forget something on a moving day due to stress and the constant need to multitask. That’s where a moving day checklist comes into play. By having a checklist on hand at all times you won’t be at risk of forgetting something. And by extension, you’ll be a lot less stressed.

Prepare your moving day essentials ahead

Realizing something you need on a moving day is at the bottom of a sealed box can be so frustrating. Because of that, you should prepare your moving day essentials and your moving day bag way ahead of time. The best way to go about that is to make a list of things you’re going to keep in your bag when moving. This list will help you avoid packing everything on it in the boxes. The best time to actually pack a moving bag is a day or two before the move. Go through your list and pack everything on it. A bonus tip would be to set a reminder to pack a charger since they are easy to forget and you’re probably going to be charging your phone overnight before a moving day.

Pack your essentials as if you’re spending a night away from home

Moving is very unpredictable. Especially when you’re moving long distance. Unfortunately, that sometimes means having to spend a night at a hotel or simply spilling something on yourself. When that happens it’s important to have everything you might need in such a situation on you. This includes packing a change of clothes, a power bank for your phone, a few snacks, and even a blanket. Make sure you’re all set should any unexpected situation arise.

A woman packing her moving-day essentials.
Make sure to pack your moving day essentials on time!

Get family members that are not participating in moving away from the action

Kids, pets, and the elderly usually don’t take moving as well as adults in their prime do. Even though moving is stressful for anyone, it’s particularly hard on said groups. Because of that, it’s best for both you and them if they are away from the action if possible. That means, for example, that if moving locally you should hire a sitter for your kids and pets. Another example would be letting your elderly parents stay with your sibling for a day or two until everything is ready. There are also options like senior movers and pet movers, but it’s much easier for everyone if they take a break while you move.

However, that’s sometimes impossible when moving cross country. A way to get around that would be to complete a move and then fly with your elders, kids, or pets. Another way would be to have them in another car away from the immediate action. This will speed up the moving process. Just make sure that if you’re moving with kids they have something to occupy themselves with. That will make relocation significantly more fun for your kids and consequently easier for you.

Control liquid intake

Hydrating during a move is important. However, having to stop often can prolong moving. Luckily, small sips more often will keep you hydrated without constantly having to take breaks. That said, drinking absolutely no water is very unhealthy. Especially during significant stress which moving is. Be mindful of your liquid intake not to under or overdrink. Small sips often are the way to go!

Snack so you don’t become hangry

Hangry is a fun word. It means getting so hungry that you get cranky and angry. To avoid getting hangry during a move make sure to snack. This might be hard to remember due to all the stress and tasks you have to juggle on a moving day. However, moving will be much easier if you’re well-fed and satisfied.

A couple snacking on a moving day.
Make sure to eat regularly to avoid getting angry and frustrated!

The best of uncommon but useful moving day tips to make moving smooth and easy

Improvising, adapting, and overcoming is often the only way during a move. To be flexible it’s important to be ready but at the same time relaxed and content. If you’re overly stressed you’ll get easily frustrated over even the smallest inconveniences. However, by implementing these few, and even more, uncommon but useful moving day tips you can ensure an enjoyable move.

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