How to organize a goodbye party before your move

Moving is a big deal, it’s a fact. You are leaving some things behind and you are starting a new chapter. Many people want to mark this date by doing something special. One of the best things that you can do is to organize a goodbye party before your move. You can call all your friends and family and enjoy one last time at your current place. There are many ways to throw a goodbye party and we would like to give you advice on how to do it like a boss!

Organize a goodbye party before your move with ease!

  • Set time and date for the party
  • Make the guest list
  • Invite people on time
  • Give a toast

Set time and date for the party

The first thing that you want to do when preparing a goodbye party is setting a time and date for the party! It sounds easier than it is because there are several things that you need to have in mind. The most important one is the date of your relocation. This is something that you need to discuss with your North Nevada movers. Before you start making plans for the party, you need to finish everything regarding the relocation and you should be okay. After that, just pick one day before the relocation and enjoy the night!

a calendar - organize a goodbye party before your move
Set time and date before the moving day

Make the guest list

Guest list is very important when organizing a party before your move. You want to invite only the people that you really care about and want to say goodbye to. Inviting them to a party is a pretty good way of telling them you are moving. Of course, they will be informed much sooner but it is still a nice touch to make everything official. After all, it is better to move after a great night of enjoyment than vice versa.

Invite people on time

Preparing a guest list is one thing, but inviting them is another. This is a place where should not make a mistake. We are all busy people so you can’t expect that people will show up tomorrow at your party. You need to organize everything and invite them on time. Be sure to notify them weeks in advance so that they could make themselves available for your party.

Give a toast

It would be a shame that you leave without giving a toast. A toast is a perfect way of talking to all of them and telling them what you want and how you want. Be prepared to some crying if you give an emotional touch. It is never easy watching someone close moving away.

Proper toast should be included in the party!


Moving is never easy. Besides the practical part of relocation like looking for and hiring movers Las Vegas to Reno or obtaining the packing supplies, there is much more. Actually, moving is not the hardest part of the move. Leaving important people is a struggle and there is no better way to have peace of mind than by having a party. We are hoping that you will organize a goodbye party before your move with ease and without any problems!

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