Tips for preparing a flatscreen TV for a cross country move

Some items are easier to pack and move than others. On the other hand, odd-shaped and sensitive items like flatscreen TV require more attention. That’s why preparing a flatscreen TV for a cross country move seems like a mission impossible. However, it’s not difficult to do it when you know how. Therefore, we at Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas curated this article for you in order to make your moving journey a lot simpler. In order to move your flatscreen TV and other belongings, while making sure they remain unscratched, it’s necessary to hire professional movers like us. From the moment you entrust us with your moving project, we commit all our efforts to it. Rest assured that with us as your moving allies, the entire moving process runs effortlessly, start to finish.

Steps to help you prepare a flatscreen TV for a cross-country move

Moving preparations can get dusty and messy pretty easily. For this reason alone, you might want to protect your flatscreen TV and other electronics first. Once you pack it the right way, all you have to do is wait for your movers to arrive.

flatscreen tv hanged on the wall
Be careful when preparing a flatscreen TV for a cross country move.

Get a specialty box suitable for flatscreen TVs

Did you know that there are many kinds of moving boxes other than regular ones? That’s why specialty boxes are there to make packing TVs easier. But first, you must measure your TV to know what box size you need.

Unplug and clean

Take a photo of cables while they are still plugged into a flatscreen TV. Next, carefully unplug them all. Don’t just toss them around and then stuff them into a random box. Fold each cable carefully, wrap it in packing paper, and mark it with a sticker. Designate separate colors for each cable.

Buy a special screen cleaner. Spray it all over the screen and clean it using a microfiber cloth. Use cotton swabs to clean cable ports. Make sure to remove all dust and dirt.

Protect and pack

Flatscreen TVs are very sensitive and easily breakable items. Therefore, you must be careful when packing them. Before you start doing anything, ask someone to help you out. In the meantime, prepare plastic wrap or thin fabric as a protective barrier for your flatscreen. You will use them to wrap the screen. Rope and packing tape will keep the barrier in place. Carefully place the TV in a specialty box. Seal it cross-wise with strong packing tape, then place it somewhere safe.

Keep your children and pets away from packed flatscreen TV

Younglings and pet friends can be very curious. Pets, especially dogs and cats like to play and jump around. They also nibble on things and sharpen claws on them. Kids, on the other hand, also tend to not pay attention while playing around. That’s why it’s wise to place a TV in a separate room and lock it up. You’ll be more at peace knowing you won’t have to pack your flatscreen TV again, pay for repairs, or buy a new one.

Research the best moving companies in Las Vegas

As soon as you decide when are you going to move, turn on your computer and look up moving services Las Vegas companies have on offer. Focus on movers with high ratings. They are most likely up to the task and skilled enough to handle any move with ease. Also, check what packing services the company provides. Again, flatscreen TVs and similar items require professional hands to move them safely.

random person reading about preparing a flatscreen TV for a cross country move on their computer
Search for long-distance movers who offer all required moving and additional services.

Narrow down your list to long-distance movers

There are valid reasons why to choose long distance movers Las Vegas residents find convenient and trustworthy:

  • Long-distance movers can move you as far as you wish.
  • They offer an array of special moving services – from furniture movers Las Vegas to art removals.
  • Most long-distance movers provide packing supplies so you don’t have to spend too much time searching.
  • Your items are under complete protection.
  • Before you decide whether to hire a company, you can book their free estimate.

Registered moving companies with experience are the ones to rely on

Another requirement for a complete moving company is experience. Years of completed relocations speak volumes, which means such movers know how to get the work done flawlessly. To learn more about a company’s previous work, search for testimonials. Google ratings and Yelp can show you the overall customer experience you might expect as well. After you determine which movers are worth your attention, write down their contact information and call them.

Additionally, spend some extra time checking if the company is fully registered. Once you get this out of the way, you know it’s a legit company and the reviews aren’t fake.

Seek out movers who provide storage

Without safe and pest-free storage, you’re not ready to get moving. So, waste no time, and make sure to find a self-storage unit that is big and safe enough for your belongings. Reputable long-distance moving companies operate their storage units, which is yet another reason why to hire them. Your flatscreen TV is suitable for climate-controlled storage unit since the temperature inside is always the most optimal. No matter what’s the weather outside, your stuff is completely safe. Just make sure to estimate the storage size you need before you rent it.

pink self-storage shut doors
Rent nice, climate-controlled storage.

Here are some storage options you can choose from:

  • Vaulted storage – Basically vaults are made of super durable materials in which you can put all kinds of items. Once loaded, they are stored in secured warehouses.
  • Portable containers – Similar to vaults, usually lower in price.
  • Self-storage unit – Classical storage solution you have complete access to.

Prepare everything for your movers’ arrival

Your movers will have less work to do if entryways are clear and boxes placed downstairs. So, after you are done preparing a flatscreen TV for a cross country move, along with other items, place all boxes closer to the exit.

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