Best housewarming gifts for a new Las Vegas resident

If you have a family member or a friend who is moving with the help of residential movers Las Vegas, it’s exciting and maybe a little bittersweet if they happen to be moving away from where you live! They’ll probably want to have a housewarming party after they move in. Whether they are trading country life for the city, moving into a fixer-upper, or moving into a bigger house. And of course, you’ll want to get them the best housewarming gifts to welcome them to their new abode.

What are the best housewarming gifts?

Buying a home is a big achievement and it’s worth celebrating any time of year. It’s a big purchase. To help congratulate them on their new house, you should gift them something that’s thoughtful and practical. That’s why out of state movers Las Vegas have compiled a list of the best housewarming gifts for a new Las Vegas resident.

housewarming gift packed in a box
Keep reading to find out what are the best housewarming gifts for a Las Vegas resident.

Amazon gift card

Vegas Moving Companies recommends getting this gift if you want them to choose what they need most to get the new home in working order. They’ll appreciate the opportunity to cut down costs that come with moving houses. Fortunately, Amazon has lots of products to choose from products. They’ll find what they need, from bathroom cleaners to curtains. Even better, you can just text them or email them this gift card.

Custom house drawing

Has the new homeowner moved to their dream home? It’s an important occasion and they probably want to memorialize it. You can do just that by ordering a customized illustration of their house, complete with their name and address. This artist makes simple renditions of any house as a keepsake gift. These are perfect for homeowners who built, remodeled, or just love their old home.

Custom pet bowl

You can help them set their pets into the new home with a set of personalized food and water bowls. These durable, stainless-steel bowls from Wild One have a silicone non-slip base and a four-cup capacity for big eaters. Also, they are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. In addition, you can even personalize each bowl with up to 26 characters and 10 emojis to capture their pet’s unique personality.

A Dog Eating on a Bowl
Custom pet bowls are a great way to help their pets into the new home.

Kitchen cooking utensils set

No kitchen is fully prepared without the cooking set, and if you’re unsure about the best housewarming gifts, then look no further than this set. With lots of items in the collection, the proud owner will feel like a chef in their own home.

Final words

Celebrating someone’s new home is a joyous occasion. We hope we’ve helped you pick the best housewarming gift that will last the test of time and separate you from the others, then you may be left racking your mind. Also, if you’re in need of moving services Las Vegas, don’t worry. We got you covered. 


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