Things you should not ask your movers to do

Moving can be very difficult, especially if it’s your first time doing it. A good strategy for you would be to get help from movers Nevada. However, even if you hire a moving company, you should not expect them to do everything for you. Depending on what kind of service you want from moving professionals, there are things you should not ask your movers to do. If you only hire a moving company to transport your items, you cannot expect them to also pack them for you. It’s alright to ask for advice if you have any doubts. However, it’s common courtesy not to ask movers to do more. Moving companies don’t have to do anything more than what the contract says. For this reason, you should read about things you should not ask or expect. 

Packing and transporting forbidden items is on the list of things you should not ask your movers to do 

Each provider of relocation services Las Vegas has its own list of forbidden items. If you are not sure what they are, you can ask your moving company, or search for it on their website. These items are forbidden for a reason, and you shouldn’t ask your moving professionals to pack or transport them. Here are the most common items.

  • Hazardous material 
  • Flammable Items/Explosives 
  • Plants 
  • Weapons 
  • Perishable Food 
  • Valuables 

Packing an essentials bag is an important step when you are moving. However, you shouldn’t ask moving professionals to do it for you. This is something you should do by yourself. In this bag, you should also pack valuable belongings, personal documents and other important items. No matter how reliable a moving company, you should always pack your personal and valuable items. 

different kids of vegetables
You should not ask a moving company to pack your food

You should prepare your items before your moving day 

Some items need more preparation than others. Before moving professionals arrive, you should inspect and prepare furniture for a move. This means that you should decide what furniture you will move, and see if you need to disassemble them. If a piece of furniture cannot fit through the door, it means you need to disassemble it before packing. You should do this with a help of instructions from the manual. Your moving company does not have to do it for you, and it wouldn’t be nice to ask them to do it. 

Before moving professionals arrive, you should empty and clean your fridgePrepare your electronics by unplugging cords, disassembling the computer, and packing them all. You should do this before your moving day and certainly you shouldn’t expect the moving company to do it. 

person carrying a box
You should pack items on your own if this is according to your moving contract

Asking them to pack more than agreed 

If you agree on the amount of things to be packed and moved, you have no right to ask them to pack more. You should not ask your moving company to pack additional items just because you bought them the day before. Also, a very important detail, if you hire the company only for transport, you cannot ask them to pack items for you. This is not what they come to do, and you probably aren’t the only customer today. For this reason, you should know the things you should not ask your movers to do, so you don’t end up being rude unintentionally. 

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