How to tell your kids that you are moving?

Having to relocate is a difficult task on its own. If we add that you may be moving with kids, things become much harder. The problem here is that they are not prone to moving and they like it where they are. That is why it can be frustrating and difficult to move with kids. When compared to this, finding good North Nevada movers becomes a piece of cake. It is important that you tell your kids that you are moving because they need to prepare. You can’t just drop bombs on them and expect that they will be okay. Learn a few tips on how to do this properly and make your move a lot easier!

Tell your kids that you are moving in the best way possible!

When thinking about this, you have to include a couple of things. It is a process and you should address it like one!

  • Tell them on time
  • Address all their concerns
  • Involve them in the process

Tell them on time

It is important that you tell your kids that you are relocating on time! As we have said, they like it where they are and they would not like to move. That is why you need to give them time to adjust and make mental preparation. This should be a couple of months before the actual move, at the same time you start planning your Nevada relocation. You need time to think everything through but you need time to convince your children that this is the best move and that they will not have any problems adapting to their new home.

Address all their concerns

It is one thing to tell your kids that you are moving but another for them to understand it. They will most likely have a lot of questions about everything regarding the move itself. It can be challenging but you are going to have to handle it. Stay open and talk to them about anything that they have to ask you.

a girl - tell your kids that you are moving
Answer to all your kid’s concerns!

Involve them in the process

The best way to help them understand everything is to get them involved in the process. It will make relocating even more fun for your kids and everything will be much easier. They will be of help while you will have peace of mind. You can give them tasks like packing some simpler things that do not require special packing.

You will have more time to check moving companies, to see how much movers Las Vegas cost and many more important tasks for your move. If your kids stay sitting all they long, they will most likely be more of a burden than a help.

woman and a child
Work with your kids in the process


Moving with kids can be hard or easy, depending on how you handle it. It is important to tell your kids that you are moving as soon as possible so that they could have time to adjust. Also, there are many books to help your kids deal with the big move. Do everything that you can to make the transition as smooth as possible! We are hoping that this advice will be enough for you to handle everything without losing your nerves in the process!

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