The ultimate list of moving supplies

It is no by accident that you have stumbled upon this text, and we will not pretend that is the case. If you are looking for the ultimate list of moving supplies, brace yourself. What you have in front of you is the list that will satiate all your moving preparation appetites. So, let’s not waste words on long introductions, and get to the important information.

In order to properly delve into the list of moving supplies you will need when relocating to Las Vegas we will first need to address certain important questions. Namely:

  1. Where to get moving supplies? Your safest bet that will also save you from going door to door is to turn to your moving company north Las Vegas. Since packing is their daily chore, they ought to have just about everything that you might need.
  2. How many boxes do you need? There are numerous online calculators that will give you a relative answer to this question. You are to take it with a grain of salt, as they cannot be too exact. It will usually come down to the number the calculator gives, plus a few more boxes.
  3. How much do the moving supplies cost? There are many factors that will have an effect on the final number. A simple rule of thumb to follow is the bigger your move, the bigger the budget for it ought to be. Your moving supplies may cost only $50 if you are having a carefully thought out local move, or they can add up to $500 if you choose to buy absolutely everything for your interstate move.
Dollar bills
As moving supplies can really make a difference in the cost of your move, be smart when shopping for them.

The ultimate list of moving supplies

This is what it comes down to, so take your pen and paper, and let us begin:

Packing basics

  • Boxes. Could you even imagine a relocation without them? We certainly couldn’t. At least not a proper one. Make sure you get boxes in various sizes. Smaller ones will be for your heavier belongings, like books and bigger ones for lighter items like sheets and blankets. It would also be great if you could get your hands on a box with dividers in it. These are great for packing fragile items.
  • Cushioning materials. You would by no means just throw everything in boxes, and tape them shut. Especially when it comes to dishes, kitchen appliances, and other fragile belongings. For this reason, you need cushioning materials, in order to ensure the safety of your items during transportation. Packing paper, bubble sheets and even certain pieces of your clothes will all do great.
  • Labeling materials. If you thought about having a move where you do not label your boxes, think again. We will simply not let that happen on our watch. Labeling will make your life easier during and after your relocation, so make sure to get the labeling materials. A simple waterproof marker will do if you do not want to bother with this task too much. You can take it a step further, and take some colored stickers, and have your boxes color-coded.
  • Packing tape. And do try to avoid being frugal when shopping for this item. Rather get a quality tape that you can rely on. Cheaper ones are usually to thin to work with properly. Use a tape gun to dispense tape quickly. Buy the rolls in bulks, as it will save you some money. And don’t worry, you will need a lot of tape.
Office supplies on a blue desk
Quality packing tape will do more to protect your belongings than you might think.

Moving furniture and appliances

  • Furniture covers. These are plastic cover slides that will do a great job of protecting your furniture. Do not, however, mistake them for padding protection. Rather view them as a shield from dirt, dust, and debris. They also preserve your warranty on expensive items like mattresses. So, at least get the covers for your mattresses, and couch covers.
  • Furniture pads. Every true moving professional will use these to ensure the floors and furniture are damage-free during transport. They also make the handling of the items easier. Getting a dozen pads will usually cost you the same as getting a single pad, so make your decision wisely.
  • Dollies and hand trucks. Buying these items is not mandatory, and even not recommendable, especially if you do not plan on moving lots of furniture on a regular basis, and have plenty of storage room. Instead, you can rent them from a moving company for a much lower price. In addition, if you have to move bulky items up and down lots of stairs, wearable moving straps will be a better choice than a dolly. Just make sure to read the instructions to avoid injury from improper use.
  • Toolset. While you might not intend to dismantle your couch and dining table right now, you will probably change your mind when you start really struggling with fitting everything inside the moving truck. A simple toolset will make it easy to disassemble any piece of furniture you have to deal with. Make sure to have it by your side when the reassembly time arrives at your new place.
A toolset
Our list of moving supplies wouldn’t be complete without a toolset that helps with both packing and unpacking.

Small, yet important supplies

  • Utility knife. This little item will make opening boxes a breeze. Just be careful whilst using it. If you have packed your boxes all the way to the top, it can be easy to cut what inside.
  • Padlocks. As all of your possessions will be located in a moving truck, it might be smart to invest in a quality padlock that will ensure their safety. We highly recommend splurging a little on a hefty padlock that resists picking and cutting. It might cost you a bit extra, but it’s still cheaper than replacing all of your stuff.
  • Gloves. Working gloves will make your life easier when it comes to handling heavy and bulky items. They will protect your hands from scrapes, cuts, and punctures, and those are not fun to have.
  • Plastic baggies. These will save you both time and nerves when reassembling starts. Keep all of the screws, bolts, or washers in small plastic bags, then label the bag so you know what the hardware goes to.

That would be all for this ultimate list of moving supplies. We hope you are as content as we are. Have a smooth move!


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