Pack fine china for relocation like a pro

People usually find packing for the move as the most boring task when it comes to moving. That is the reason why they make mistakes when packing. Those mistakes usually come with a cost. Depending on the fragility of your things, you may end up with a lot of broken pieces. Especially if you are having a long-distance move. No matter how careful cross country moving companies Las Vegas are, you will have to learn how to pack fine china for relocation properly.

Get packing supplies

As you may think, standard packing supplies are out of reach since most of these things are fragile. That means that in order to pack fine china for relocation properly you will have to secure it before loading it on the truck.

  • corrugated boxes
  • cellular dividers
  • bubble cushioning
  • foam
  • packing tape
  • pillows or towels

How to pack fine china for relocation?

It is very important how you bind china for moving. Before you start putting anything into the boxes, you will have to put pillows or towels on the bottom. Transport can be quite bumpy so those impacts from below of the box can be enough to break your precious china. 

Now comes the packing of china for relocation. Place cellular dividers into the boxes. It is crucial that you do this because it will separate one stuff from another. Before putting your china into the box, wrap everything in their protective layers. Bubble cushioning is the perfect choice for this job. After you put your china in the boxes, be sure that you have placed them correctly and in the right order. Just tape the box and you are ready to go.

a box - pack fine china for relocation
It is very important how to pack fine china adequately

Label moving boxes

You have not done the job correctly if you did not label the moving boxes. It is very important to divide stuff before loading them in the truck. This will inform the movers what stuff they have to be careful about. Simple ‘fragile’ on the exterior of the box is enough for your movers to know that they have to be careful.

a marker
Label moving boxes before loading them

Go DIY or go pro?

We do not even have to consider that doing the packing by yourself is easier. It goes without saying that North Las Vegas movers have more experience than you and that they would do the job better. Movers know some tips that you may not. That is certainly enough for you to hire a moving company for their packing services.


There are many ways on how to pack fine china for relocation like a pro. There is no one particular way that you should do it. Everything depends on the size and number of things that you have to relocate. Plan how many packing supplies you will have to use because you could end up in a lot of trouble if you have to push these fragile items together. If you do this, no amount of supplies is enough to save you from getting your china in pieces.

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