The best places for a picnic in Henderson

Spending time in nature is something we have all come to appreciate in these turbulent times. It is when you are surrounded by green sight, soft noises, and the breath of wind that you remember all the stress is usually not worth it. And, as relocations are probably the most stressful periods one can experience, even with the help of some of the best movers Las Vegas has to offer, it can do you good to unwind. It is with that in mind that we present to you some of the best places for a picnic in Henderson. You cannot go wrong with any of them, so you can just go for the one closest to you.

Places for a picnic in Henderson you need to try out

Relocations can be long, hectic, and stressful. So, after you’ve waved your movers Henderson NV goodbye, and unpacked some of those essential boxes, we suggest that you take one fine bottle of wine, some simple food, a blanket, and head on over to some of the following spots.

People having a picing on one of the great places for a picnic in Henderson
Finding great places for a picnic in Henderson is super easy, so long as you follow our guide.

Cornerstone Park is a true gem not known to many

Cornerstone Park opened just a few years ago and is still an unknown spot in Henderson. Having that not a lot of people know about it, it is just the space to enjoy a nice afternoon. That is if you enjoy your peace and quiet in a not-so-crowded space. Take notice, however, this park is more for relaxing than entertainment. So, if you have moved with kids, do not expect them to have much fun here. While some find the lack of a playground a big downside, you just might be the one to enjoy it.

What makes Cornerstone Park extra special is the little lake it has. The body of water attracts a lot of birds. This allows for those bird lovers among you to take some great pics with your camera. There is also a basketball court, volleyball court, a huge shaded picnic area, and a shaded picnic spots with BBQ grills that face the lake. Sports enthusiasts among you will enjoy a large grass area that is perfect for soccer. There is also a nice, paved path that circles around the lake, allowing for a nice workout.

A woman sitting with a kid near a pond with some ducks
Cornerstone Park truly has that something special to it.

Hidden Falls Park is a go-to for parents with small kids

Calm down young parents, here is one of the places for a picnic in Henderson that is rather family-friendly. What you will find here is a park for big kids with swings and climbing apparatuses, as well as another playground for your youngest ones. In the latter, you can find a conventional play structure with slides and tunnels as well as swings.

Picnic tables and benches are plentiful and super easy to reach. They are also located rather conveniently near the play structures, allowing you to keep an eye on your kids whilst enjoying your drink. A great plus is a restroom nearby. The views in Hidden Falls Park are amazing, and there are plenty of areas for kids to explore. You can also find CVS and Vons, making it easy to grab some snacks or even lunch for your picnic.

Skate and basketball parks are also available, a splash pad,  as well as a separate gated area for dogs. The place has tons of open grassy areas, allowing you to play football, soccer, or just let your kids run around.

White Owl Canyon might just be your cup of picnic tea

White Own Canyon has to main traits to it:

  1. It is quite interesting and scenic
  2. It has less than 6 miles round trip, which makes it great for those of you who don’t want to spend hours on end walking
A person standing happy on a hiking trail
If hiking is your thing, White Own Canyon is your place.

The White Own Canyon trail was rated ”Moderate” with its 2.2 miles round trip with 300 feet elevation change. The only thing to accentuate here is that you ought to do some homework when it comes to the trail, as it is not marked. However, this needn’t worry you much, as it is rather obvious where the trail starts. There is a part where you have to go down a very steep hill that has pretty loose gravel, but you will do just fine. And, once you get into the slot canyon, it is very easy to ambulate.

There are many shaded areas if you decide to go during the summer, but it is perfect for autumn period. Now, the culverts deserve a special mention, as they are an interesting portion of the hike. It is a bit dark inside the first one which is also the longest. Still, it is not something to stress about, as you will see pretty well even without a light. As for picnicking here, you can stop any time you like, enjoy you drink or sandwich, and feel the beauty around you.

Places for a picnic in Henderson – honorable mentions

  • Anthem Hills Park is just the place to relax, play with your pup or kids, watch a game of baseball or softball, or even practice your skateboarding tricks.
  • Whitney Mesa Recreation Area provides the perfect hike for those who just need to get out of the house and get some fresh air.
  • Mission Hills Park most popular attraction is the large splash pad. Great for kids, while you yourself can enjoy a book under the shade, and still keep an eye on your children.

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